What Are the Different Reasons for a Vaginal Surgery?

Vaginal reconstructive surgery proofs to be of undisputable help to the kind of women who deliver vaginally, experience discomfort during sex, who are insecure about their vaginal appearance and those who experience vaginal damage due to congenital disease, cancer or due to other factors. It makes their sex life with their couples smooth and thrive as it was before giving birth and before the other issues came in. It is common that after having several children the sensitivity in women lowers because the vagina becomes enlarged and there is, therefore, less friction than before.

This affects the intimate life of the couples though women can still get turned on mentally since their sex drive is not lost. Vaginal reconstructive surgery is the solution to those problems since it is a more customized approach that promotes better muscle use, less pain during recovery and more uniform results than when it occurs naturally. It is based on anterior-posterior repairs which involve pulling everything together tight and closing the incisions. Below are the reasons you should have virginal surgery.

• Tightening the Perineum.

The perineum is that area of skin that is between the opening of the anus and the bottom end of your vulva. It becomes stretched usually after birth making the vagina wider than normal and this is a cause of change in intercourse since it cannot be the same as prior to the stretch. Perineorrhaphy also known as perineoplasty is the medical solution to this stretching. It sutures the perineal body or the underlying muscles close together which gives a snug feeling in the vaginal opening or the introitus and excises excess loose skin tags.

• Reconstruction of the Hymen.

Here, the thin ring-like skin that partially covers the opening of the vagina known as the torn hymen is reconstructed if it is a source of discomfort to the woman during intercourse. Vaginal plastic surgery should be only considered as a way of improving the genitalia only where there is a genuine problem but not as a way of getting a perfect vagina version.

• Reduction of the Outer Lips.

Large outer lips also called Labia Majora is mostly as a result of childbirth and weight gain. This condition is in most cases improved by liposuction which is a cosmetic surgery where excess fats are removed from a specific area of the body by suction, but in more severe cases surgical reduction is offered. This condition causes embarrassment due to the bulge in swimsuits and pants especially the tight ones.

• Reduction of the Inner Lips.

Large protuberant in the inner lips also called the Labia Minora can be a cause of repeated irritation when you are wearing tight pants and they may also cause embarrassment with a sexual partner. To solve this vaginal reconstructive surgery is necessary. Some women develop this condition while others are born with large labia and surgical labial reduction improves the appearance in case of abnormally large labia.

If you have been looking for a way of solving your virginal widening to improve your sex life, virginal reconstructive surgery improves most women’s sex life and it is one of the most popular ways of dealing with vaginal enlargement issues. One last thing; when you go for these surgeries, make sure you go to a genuine doctor who is an expert in vaginal surgeries for better results.

By Matthew M. Gable
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