Is there any way to make outer space cool during summer season?

Weather keep on changing whenever summer season starts it makes whole environment heat. By the same time in summer people would find more time to spend near to pools and plan for outing with their friends. Although people make several outdoor plans most of home owners now show interests to have high pressure patio misting system to keep their backyards and patio cool. Due to their wide usage most of the people would tend to install patio misting system on their own but often they would fail in their approach. This is mainly because most of people install automatic water splitter rather than installing misting system. Many people can think automatic water splitter, mist patio install system or fog patio install system all are same but in real all three are quite different from one another. Atomizing water sprays water were mist is a tiny droplets of water which is dense in air which can be seen and fog is hard and thick form which cannot be seen. Thus rather than using water and fog mist remains to be best choice for cooling outer space since it does not fall to the ground soon.

How mist helps to keep environment cool?

Many people can wonder how misting system makes the environment cool in summer warm up. The main secret behind this is a simple science of evaporative cooling and installation set up of the misting systems which are clearly listed below.

  • The misting system consists of several nozzles placed all around patio or to the outdoor space on specified perimeter.
  • Those nozzles are connected to the stainless steel pipe series through which the water source is supplied to nozzles.
  • As a main installation setup the water source is connected to high pressure pump, this high pressure pump increases the water pressure by 10 times to its normal pressure rate.
  • When water pressure is increased more than 700 PSI then water molecules gets atomized into tiny small droplets and then push them out through nozzle.
  • Once the mist is exposed to outer space then the heat atmosphere with hot air makes the water droplets evaporate. On other hand the water droplets absorbs the heat in open environment.

When this process keeps on repeating for each water droplet within some minutes surrounding air would be cooled by misting system.

Benefits of using misting systems for cooling environment:

When people use high pressure patio misting system more quantity of water is released into the air this would increases the level of humidity in the air. Moreover these misting systems can be used as either cooling system or as a humidifier based on the situation need. If people are interesting in plant growth you can better place the nozzles near to plants which would help the surrounding air to cool and also water the plant for its growth. When compared to air conditioners the misting system remains to be efficient in energy wise and in cost wise too. The high pump used in misting system would use less electricity than air conditioner use to operate. Thus opting misting system is better choice to have cool patio and backyard.

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