Everything you need to know about sanitary pads

Almost every girl has questioned the function, use, and convenience that a sanitary pad could bring during the menstrual cycle when it’s time for her first period. You should make sure you know everything you need to know regarding your sanitary pad and also about Rio pads whenever you need it!

During your period, a sanitary pad is a thin pad composed of absorbing material that absorbs the whole of your menstrual fluid. In contrast to tampons and menstrual cups, which must be placed into the vagina, it is a feminine hygiene solution that is worn externally.

Discussed below are one of the most common and important things in life, which is the ‘sanitary pads’ and everything that you need to know about a sanitary pad.

  • Why do you need a sanitary pad?

Because a sanitary pad isn’t inserted into your body, it’s one of the safest menstrual hygiene products to use if you’ve only recently started having your period.

They are also more convenient to use because they are constructed of more absorbency and non-toxic materials. As a result, it is recommended that you investigate the numerous possibilities accessible so that you may select the Rio pads for your needs.

  • Can you use the same sanitary pad again and again?

All pads are single-use only. Even reusable napkins have a shelf life that varies by type. One has to keep in mind that sanitation is extremely important during your menstruation.

Poor vaginal health during your period can lead to rashes and infections, among other things. To reduce bacterial growth, most pads should be replaced after 4-6 hours, but this can vary based on your flow pattern and the kind of pad you’re using.

Thus, it is suggested to use the Rio Pads, as these are some of the best sanitary pads brands in India.

  • Okay, let us look for the correct procedure!

It’s simple to use a pad. To begin, remove the pads from its case (save the cover for later disposal) and search for the piece of newspaper that will reveal the adhesive once it is removed.

Place the pad over the middle of your underwear, adhesive side down, and unfold the flaps on both sides to attach it fully. This will ensure that your pad is perfectly grasped.

  • How do you properly throw a sanitary pad?

It’s critical to always remove and dispose of your pad properly. To do so, first, peel the wings off the edges of your underwear, then grab the upper front border of a pad and gradually pull away from the fabric until it’s entirely removed. You can use the cover that came with the pad once it’s been removed.

  • The different kinds of pads-

Nowadays, you may choose between a diverse array of pads on the market. Heavy flow pads soak more on heavier days, whereas reused or hygienic sanitary pads have an insert for liners that can be used after a thorough wash.

They’re also available in a range of lengths so you can have a good night’s sleep without worrying about leaks. When it comes to deciding on your menstruation demands, it’s all about making an informed decision while maintaining complete control over your physical health.

The Rio pads improved their pads to address all of these problems, ensuring that all of your monthly needs are satisfied.

By Matthew M. Gable

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