Why Vaccinations Are Important for Every Child

When you consider that in the Middle Ages, the average life expectancy was around 27, and with that figure somewhere in the 70s today, we have certainly come a long way. Vaccinations were developed to prevent specific diseases from attacking the immune system, and this immunisation could save your child’s life. Even as early as a century ago, we were faced with many threats, typhoid, diphtheria, and smallpox, to name but a few, and by exposing our immune system to these threats, it is able to build antibodies – which repel the attack.

Building a Database

Our immune system is a scientific wonder, and evolution has given us the ultimate weapon to fight disease, yet there’s one problem, the immune system can only fight off what it knows, and that’s where vaccinations come in. Many years of painstaking research resulted in the ability to produce very small amounts of a virus or germ, and this is then ingested into the body and the immune system reacts by registering this strain in its database, and should the real thing ever come knocking, your antibodies (health army) will come out in droves, and more importantly, it knows how to combat the invader. If you are looking for child vaccination in Singapore, for example, there are clinics that can give your child the important vaccinations, and over a period of time, he or she will be fully protected

Weakened Antigens

The vaccine contains a watered down version of the virus, which cannot infect a human, yet when this is given to a child, their immune system creates an antibody that can repel the attacker, and the injected antigens soon die and are passed from the body. There are so many different viruses and germs that can attack a child, and without the help of vaccines, they are susceptible to the disease. Some parents are reluctant to have their child injected with something unnatural, but the fact is, you simply cannot afford not to give your child this essential protection, and by sourcing a specialist clinic, an immunisation program can be put together and your child can begin to receive these vital shots.

Giving your Child the Very Best Start

As a parent, you owe it to your child to give them the best possible start in life, and that includes any positive health additions that are available. Anyone who thinks vaccinations are not necessary would do well to take a look at the health statistics of a third world country where these vaccines are not generally available. The simple fact is, any child is vulnerable to a virus or bacteria that their immune system has not been programmed to defend, and by having all the recommended immunisations, you are equipping your child to fight off infections.

If you are unsure about the vaccinations your child has already had, visit your local child health clinic and the specialist doctor can prepare a vaccination program and your child will have the best possible start to life.

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