Pediatric Eye Exams: How To Prepare Your Child Beforehand

Are you looking for a Calgary optometrist to perform pediatric eye exams? When seeking quality eye care for your children, it can be greatly reassuring when your chosen optometrist understands your concerns and the situation at hand. To ensure that kids have the right visual resources necessary to develop and grow normally, it is imperative that a specialist eye doctor checks their eyes and overall vision during specific developmental stages. If you’re feeling a little anxious about taking your child for a comprehensive pediatric eye exam, don’t worry! Note that a visit to the pediatric optometrist is not necessarily scary.

The key to ensuring that the process is fun and exciting is knowing how best you can prepare your little one for the crucial pediatric eye exams. Remember that on top of the tips outlined below, take your time to identify a highly qualified Calgary optometrist who is capable of performing child-friendly exams.

Know What to Expect During The Visit To The Pediatric Eye Doctor

It is important to note that pediatric eye exams are totally different from the adult ones. In some eye clinics, the optometrists use special charts that enable kids to identify and recognize pictures and shapes instead of the traditional letters. Consequently, the eye doctors can test the eyes of kids, including those who are not able to read.

Scheduling The Eye exam

Examining kids can often be tricky and unpredictable. Consequently, doctors recommend planning for a two-hour comprehensive eye exam, although it could take a shorter amount of time. Follow-up exams, on the other hand, take 60 minutes or less. For infants or toddlers, do not plan the visit to fall within their usual naptime, and remember to carry some snacks and their favourite toys.

Prepare Your Child for the Eye Exam

The first eye exam does not have to be an anxious and stressful experience for your child. As a parent, you can employ some specific techniques that will ensure your child has a positive experience while visiting an eye doctor. Some of these helpful techniques include:

i. Explain Everything Beforehand

To adequately prepare your little one to undergo the pediatric eye exams, consider talking to him or her. Explain the significance of the exams and let your child know that the Calgary optometrist will improve their eyesight while getting rid of any underlying issues, such as headaches or redness. Most importantly, explain to your child that the optometrist might administer eye drops. If possible, perform an actual demonstration of how it will be done.

ii. Alleviate the Fear of Wearing Eyeglasses

When it comes to wearing eyeglasses, most kids are hesitant to put them on. Prior to the exam, consider showing your little one some pictures of frames and suggest some that match her tastes and preferences. Also, explain to your child that there might be a need for her to wear contact lenses as an option, depending on her maturity level and age.

If you want to make sure that you are getting the best quality services and care from a Calgary optometrist, then you should consider the experience and expertise of the potential Calgary optometrists. The best eye doctors will push themselves to learn and discover the most effective forms of treatments and diagnostic procedures. For this reason, the vast majority of optometrists in Calgary invest heavily in state-of-the-art technology that helps to facilitate pediatric eye exams. The comprehensive eye exams are extremely helpful, as they provide an in-depth look into your child’s prescription and the overall health of their eyes. This way, any underlying or hidden eye problems are easily unearthed.

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