What You Need to Know About Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is a procedure that is performed by an ophthalmologist. It is the removal of the lens from your eye and replaced with a new one. Cataract is a condition that causes your lens to become cloudy, impairing your vision either completely, partially or severely. Individuals undergoing cataract surgery are outpatients, meaning that they don’t have to stay in the hospital post surgery.

There are different ways of carrying out cataract surgery, it can be done traditionally using ultrasound energy or with laser-assisted technology. Cataract removal is a safe and very common procedure. Cataracts affect your vision by making it hazy, darker and less colorful, which further adds to vision loss. However, not all cataracts need to be removed. It depends on whether the symptoms are troubling enough. Poor eyesight results from cataracts slowly over a period of time. If your condition requires surgery it is important that you choose the right eye surgeon to obtain an acceptable and a great outcome.

Finding an experienced, successful and expert surgeon is of particular importance if you wish to reduce your need for eyeglasses and post-surgery complications. Premium intraocular lenses (IOLs) can grant you relief from eyeglasses, but the installation of these lenses requires special expertise and experience by surgeons to ensure a successful surgery.

When seeking options for your cataract surgery, you must put these questions to yourself:

– Is the surgeon and his staff hospitable and courteous? This ensures you’re comfortable enough to share anything that you don’t feel comfortable with during or prior to your surgery.
– Does the staff explain billings thoroughly and clearly? This will give you a clear idea regarding your options and you’ll be able to decide more wisely.
– Does the surgeon take time out to explain the procedure, exhibit patience and thoroughly address your concerns and questions? This increases your comfort level, also expands your awareness to any potential post surgery symptoms.
– Are you made fully aware of all the options, including the types of lenses available to you?
– Has the surgeon encountered any failures during his practice up to date?
– Have you been made aware of follow up care, recovery timeframe and post-surgery tips regarding the improvement of your vision?

Cataract surgery Nashville TN wants to make sure when you schedule your first appointment with them you find yourself at utmost ease and convenience. Ask the surgeon and staff plentiful questions and seek full satisfaction.

Before Cataract Surgery

Intraocular lens (IOL) is one the most common lenses to be given to patients with cataracts. These lenses are designed to improve your vision by enhancing the focus of light on the back of your eye. Once the lens is placed into the eye, you will not be able to see or feel it. It becomes a permanent part of your eye and poses no health risk. There is a variety of IOLs available that offer different features. This is something you get to discuss with your ophthalmologist before surgery. Your eye doctor can best determine which lens will be best for you, taking your preference in account. IOLs lenses are made with plastic, silicone or acrylic.

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