What to Do When You Think You Might be Pregnant

If you believe you’ve become pregnant, you should always take an over the counter urine pregnancy test at home or blood pregnancy test at the doctor’s office to confirm. Many conditions can mimic symptoms of early pregnancy, so it’s best to make sure that you’re actually pregnant before proceeding with next steps. For example, feeling nauseous or being bloated can be caused by the foods you eat or having a stomach bug. Sore breasts can be a simple hormonal change or a reaction to new birth control, so the explanation could be as simple as that. PMS symptoms also closely mimic pregnancy, so you might just be about to get your period.

Potential Pregnancy

Pregnancy can only occur with penis in vagina (vaginal) sex, so if you haven’t had sex before or since your last period, it’s impossible that you’re pregnant. Even if you had sex two days ago, you’re still not pregnant. If it’s been five days or less, you can take emergency contraception to prevent ovulation.

It takes between 5 days to a week for the body to complete the fertilization process, so a couple of days after intercourse doesn’t mean you’re pregnant. On top of this, it typically takes between four or five weeks to even begin to experience pregnancy symptoms.

Is Your Period Late?

It’s also important to note that if you’ve experienced a late period, there are many potential causes of that including stress, being sick, being underweight, or over exercising. Missing or late periods are especially common as a teenager.

If a pregnancy test confirms that you’re pregnant, you have three options. Adoption, abortion, and parenting the child. If you choose adoption, your child will go to another family. If you have an abortion, that terminates the pregnancy and you will not give birth. Parenting is when you have the child and raise him/her yourself. If you plan on giving up your child for adoption or to raise them yourself, it’s important to make an appointment with a physician for prenatal care. If you want an abortion, you need to make an appointment as soon as possible. Abortions can be difficult to get the longer you wait.

Support and Help Is Important

Becoming pregnant can bring about a range of emotions. You might be excited, scared, or even indifferent. There is no right way to feel. Talking to someone you trust can help you process your emotions. If you can’t see a therapist or counselor, speaking to a trusted friend or relative can help. Make sure to find someone that will offer support without judgement. It’s also important you avoid crisis pregnancy centers. While these pregnancy centers may seem like they want to help, but they exist to scare pregnant women out of getting abortions.

Where To Go For Pregnancy Help

Pregnancy hotlines also exist if you don’t have someone to talk to. They are confidential and are usually available for 24/7 support. Look for trusted online resources that provide information on how to deal with a pregnancy. At the end of the day, it’s vital that you make the best decision for yourself and your health. No one can tell you how to handle your pregnancy or whether or not you should go through with it.

What If You Are Under 18 Years Old?

If you’re still under 18 years old, it’s wise to tell your parents so they can help you get the health care that you need. Most people are afraid of how their parents will react, but they may surprise you! Be as honest with them as possible so they can help you figure out your next steps. If you’re especially nervous, having a friend or sibling there for the conversation may help put you at ease.

For those who may be concerned that they will be in danger if their parents find out they’re pregnant or sexually active, inform a medical professional or school personnel in order to receive help.

It’s important to remember that you have options when it comes to your pregnancy and that you’re far from alone. Only you can make the best choice for you and your body, and a qualified medical professional can help.  

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