Traumatic Brain Injury: What to Know

When someone suffers a blow or jolt to their head it can be considered a traumatic brain injury. Research shows that nearly 2.8 million people have been treated for TBI in the United States. Other data shows that there is a 1:160 possibility an American will suffer from this kind of issue. Many people might have to resort to rehab for the rest of your lives. Brain injuries are one of the most serious medical conditions to deal with in our healthcare society. Our mind allows us the ability to move, think and handle daily life, so it’s one of the crucial parts of our bodies. Here are a few things to know when it comes to dealing with a traumatic brain injury.

What Causes It?

Can be caused by a blow, or hard jolt to our heads that can impair the regular function of our brains. Do keep in mind, every time you suffer blow or jolt to the head does not mean we will get TBI. The ranges of TBI are known to have gone from mild to severe. This means they can be in the form of a basic concussion to where a person is beginning to experience memory loss directly after the injury. The most common type of traumatic brain injury that does occur in today’s world is called a concussion.

Here Are Some of the Common of Things Regarding TBI Survivors:

Social Situations are awkward
Lines of discussion are difficult
Inability to cope

No one can determine when a traumatic brain injury will occur in their life. One thing for sure, you can always wear the appropriate equipment to protect your head, especially if you’re a sports fanatic. You should always protect your head when doing any kind of physical activity. A traumatic brain injury is not something that you can bounce back from very quickly. Many people suffering with TBI learn to take things slow and realize they have a long road to recovery. It is possible to live a happy and stable life with a traumatic brain injury.

Believe it or not, those that have this type of condition don’t mind a helping hand. Many just simply want more patience and understanding from friends and family. Additional symptoms when someone suffers from a traumatic brain injury can be anxiety, depression and even anger. Doctors always let patience know there will be ups and downs when dealing with this type of issue. There are many types of traumatic brain injury therapy ca and nearby areas have to offer.

If you find yourself suffering from a traumatic brain injury, it’s best to contact a medical professional immediately. Whether you are playing sports and have suffered a concussion, a blow to the head is very serious. There are many that have continued to survive and live with TBI in their lives. One of the best things we can do for ourselves is take as many precautions as possible when it comes to protecting our brains.


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