Tips for Easing Chronic Back Pain  

No one wants to suffer from chronic pain. It starts with simple aches that you can bear until it becomes intolerable. The pain affects your daily activities, and even disrupts your life. You need to do something about your problem, and not wait for things to get worse. These tips could help you.

Start by stretching

As soon as you wake up, you need to do stretching. It helps release tension on your muscles and bones, especially on your lower back. You can also push it further by doing sit-ups and side planks. You can do an entire routine for about 10 minutes depending on how much time you have, and the level of pain you can tolerate.

Stop looking at your smartphone

You need to regulate the amount of time you spend on your smartphone. When you use your phone, you carry your entire weight on your neck because the head moves away from the shoulders. It is one of the reasons why you are suffering from chronic pain. It affects your posture, and it prevents the pain from going away. Therefore, you need to spend time away from your phone and be conscious of your sitting position.

Use the headrest when driving 

When you drive, try to relax and use the headrest. Lean your head against the headrest, raise your chin, and feel comfortable driving. You can release your muscles from tension if you regularly do it. When you don’t use the headrest, you will start feeling neck pain if you drive for many miles.

Don’t sleep on your stomach

When you sleep on your stomach, you need to move your head either to the left or right, and this results in neck strain. Lay flat on your back when sleeping. Avoid dropping to your bed on your belly when too tired since you might fall asleep without knowing it. A small pillow under your neck is enough to support you when sleeping.

Avoid crossing your legs

When you always cross your legs, the other leg is up in the air. You might not notice it at first, but eventually, it could affect your lower back. If possible, keep your feet on the ground. When your chair is quite high, and your feet don’t touch the ground, use a footrest. You can also raise your computer to be at your eye level to avoid straining your neck.

Keep moving

You need to avoid sitting for an extended period. It triggers back pain. You need time to stretch your muscles out. You can set the alarm so that when you reach your limit, you will drop what you are doing and move around. You can also do some sitting exercises while at work.

Ask help from a chiropractor

At some point, the pain becomes unbearable. Even if you try your best to deal with the problem, it might be difficult for you. Hence, you need a chiropractor to help. You will go through a procedure that will adjust the bones in your body to help achieve relief. You can check out if you are interested in getting this procedure now. Don’t hesitate to try this method since a lot of people received help from this procedure.

You don’t need to undergo medication or surgery because you experience pain. You need to change your lifestyle and try chiropractic treatment.

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