Post-Operative Care You Need to Remember After a Hernia Surgery  

There are many reasons why people end up having a hernia that requires hernia surgery. It is a problem that needs immediate attention. In most cases, surgery needs to happen at the soonest possible time.

The operation takes a few hours or so depending on the problem. You will also need a few days or weeks to recover. Following the right post-operation care is crucial for speedy recovery.

Don’t take oral fluids after surgery

To remain hydrated, you can take an ice chip since it slowly drips water into your body. Liquids entering the body through intravenous line are also okay. One of the reasons why you can’t take fluids orally yet is that it could induce vomiting. After some time, you can take liquids, and eventually, solid foods.

Avoid walking around

After surgery, you might have to stay in the hospital for a couple of days. You can’t walk around as it could aggravate the situation. Wait until your doctor allows you to have short walks. You will also know that it is not yet safe since you will feel the pain even with the smallest steps.

Arrange your transportation back home

Even if your doctor permits you to leave the hospital, you still can’t drive as it might be too risky. You need someone to drive you home. Arrange your transportation days before the surgery so it won’t be a problem.

Lie on your back

After the surgery, avoid using pillows. Lie flat on your back since it might still be painful due to the anaesthetics used. You might also feel some issues in your stomach region if you use pillows for sleeping.

Take the required medication

It will start to feel painful if the anaesthesia wears off. Therefore, you need to take the necessary medicines to feel relief from pain. You will also begin to see swelling and discolouration in the incision region. It could be excruciating 24-48 hours after the surgery.

Take a shower only two days after the surgery

 You can’t let the affected region be wet since it might be painful for you. Keep the wound dry until it fully heals. It takes about two days for that to happen. You can have a sponge bath to keep yourself clean without affecting the incision area.

Don’t go back to your routine yet 

It takes a while before you can go back to your regular activity again. Wait for your doctor’s advice before doing anything. Avoid hitting the gym for a few months, or if you want to do exercises, avoid heavy lifting and strenuous movements. If you have a desk job, try not to sit for long periods, and walk around if you can.

Eat a high fibre diet 

You can’t strain during bowel movements. Avoid eating fatty and solid foods for a while so it will be easy to defecate. Choose foods that have high fibre content and vitamins as they aid in bowel movements. You can find the right hernia surgery in Hampshire if you reside in the area as there are a lot of quality surgeons who live there. Find someone whom you can trust to do a great job.

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