Symptoms and signs to watch out for while detecting depression – Staying aware

Feeling sad and down during short intervals is a normal course of life but when there are long-lasting feelings of despair and hopelessness, take hold of and don’t just let it go away. When someone is suffering from depression, it makes it tough for someone to enjoy life and function in a way they used to do once upon a time. Being depressed will make you think as if you’re spending the longest day and getting through the entire day will seem overwhelming. Regardless of how sad you are, you have to detect the signs and symptoms so that you can overcome the issues as soon as you can.

While you can take this depression test to detect signs of depression, there are several other ways in which you can get to know whether or not you’re suffering from this disease. Read on to know about them.

Depression – A little bit on this disease

Depression is a pretty common and debilitating disorder of your mood. This is more than just normal sadness due to the setbacks, struggles of life and depression brings about a change in the way you feel. Not only that, it can also interfere with your capability of working, eating, sleeping and above all, enjoying life. The feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness that you get can be unrelenting and you may find it tough to seek relief.

Few people who have been living with depression describe it as a ‘black hole’ or that of going through a feeling of doom. Men can also feel restless and angry. Regardless of the way you experience depression, it can aggravate into a serious health concern if you leave it untreated.

Signs and symptoms of depression

  • Lack of interest in regular activities: You won’t care any longer about your previous pastimes, hobbies and you will also be losing interest in activities like sex.
  • Feeling of hopelessness: You will tend to have a gloomy and negative outlook towards things and there is just nothing that you can do to improve the state you’re in.
  • Changes in sleep: You will either suffer from insomnia or you will tend to wake up during early hours of the morning.
  • Changes in weight and appetite: Either you will see a weight gain or a weight loss. There will be a 5% change in your body weight in a month.
  • Lack of energy: You will always feel sluggish, fatigued and physically drained out.
  • Concentration issues: You will find it troublesome to make decisions, to focus on things and also to remember things.

Therefore, if you think you’re suffering from any one of these, make sure you check with your doctor so that you can treat yourself.

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