How to Protect Yourself from Radiation

Exposing ourselves to radiation is bad for the health. It can introduce other complications such as health disorders. Some of the health issues it may cause are cancer, cell damage and genetic defects. Worse, radiation can kill us if we are exposed to high doses.

However, we must realise that radiation is part and parcel of our lives. It exists everywhere. It is naturally found on earth and in our bodies. We have also used radiation to invent a lot of things that have become crucial to our everyday life such as cars and cell phones. Since we can never really escape radiation, it is better to know how to minimise its effects so that we can live a healthier life. Also, knowing what to do when we are near radiation emitting sources will go a long way toward saving our lives.

When, for example, you encounter a radiation-emitting source, follow these steps to protect yourself:

  • Reduce time spent near it. When you know where the area of radiation is or if you are exposed to the radiation, spend as little time as possible near it to reduce the risk of you getting health complications.
  • Increase the distance from it. Widen the distance between you and the area of radiation or the radiation-emitting source. It helps to stay away from it completely to be safer.
  • Get shielding from it. Get behind a wall, preferably made from lead or concrete. The barrier will effectively protect you from radiation and will divert the electromagnetic waves to other areas. You can also choose to get an EMF pendant to protect yourself. The pendant can help build your immunity against penetrating radiation.

What to do in radiation emergencies

Of course, we cannot predict the future and we need to be prepared whenever a dangerous situation or an emergency arises.

When there are nuclear disasters or other large-scale accidents, you need to be quick and alert. Here are the things you must do:

  • Get inside a safe place. When you receive the news that there is a radiation emergency, immediately get inside the nearest infrastructure you find, whether it be your house, your office or a store. Stay away from open areas. Once you have entered inside, secure all doors and windows. Make sure they are closed tightly. If the infrastructure has a basement, go there because it is a much more secure location to protect you from radiation.
  • Stay inside the safe place. Do not go outside. Remain inside until it is safe. Do not open any windows or doors either. It is better to be enclosed inside. To ensure that you are safe from radiation, go take a shower to remove the risk of contamination.
  • Stay informed always. Always be informed of the latest news and information. Turn on the radio and TV. Always charge your mobile devices and check the Internet occasionally to know if it is safe to go outside. Listen to the instructions provided by the local government.

Once it is safe to go outside, the emergency response team will get you and your family tested to ensure your safety from radiation contamination.

These steps will always ensure your safety so better follow them properly.

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