To Smoke or Not to Smoke

Only a few diseases in the world are contracted from outside environment. The rest of them are either acquired or developed as a result of bad habits. Smoking is one of the latter type. Nobody decides to be a smoker all of a sudden. It is a habit that is picked up gradually, from others or due to various reasons. People want to fit in the group, young adults want to show that it is cool to smoke and others want the distraction from their thoughts.

However, once the smoke is inhaled, the effects of nicotine will kick in. You become addicted to this substance. And the more you smoke, the greater is your urge to smoke. It becomes an addiction that you can’t get out of no matter what you do. This smoking habit can wreak havoc throughout your life, cause relationship failure and job loss. Smoking leads to all kinds of health problems, from asthma, difficulty breathing to lung and liver cancer. This habit once started can go out of control like a credit card debt of a financially irresponsible person. And smoking interferes with your body system even if you are simply exposed to it through second hand smoking. It can make your body prone to many diseases like flu, viral and bacterial infections and so on.

There is no better time to protect your health from the side effects of smoking than right away. So, if you are a smoker, the best thing you can do to save your life is quit smoking. However, we know that quitting is better said than done. Smoking makes you physically dependent on it. This dependency is for nicotine. Some people are able to come out the addiction and go cold turkey by simply quitting it with firm determination. For others, it may take a long time after gradual desensitization through nicotine gum or patch. Such products can help you alter your habit over the course of weeks or months, but the change will eventually happen for good.

The next best thing to quit smoking is to seek mental help through medical care care Worcester county MD or support groups. Some people are addicted to smoking because of the mental effect that smoking reinforces. Such people need a strong peer group to talk about it and get the help they need. In other words, they need to have somebody who is willing to be there for them and offer the advice when they are likely to pick up another cigarette.

Last but not least, quitting smoking should be celebrated the way it deserves. This type of addiction is not easy to quit but once it is done, the health benefits can be incredible. In the first few weeks of quitting, your bloodstream will return to normal level. In the first few months, the circulation will improve and lungs will begin functioning normally. The first few years, you will see that your risk to coronary heart disease is reduced to half. And in fifteen to twenty years, your health condition will be like you have never smoked before.


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