Free Drug Rehab for Married Couples – How it Works

Couples-based programs are an enticing option for addicted couples. The decision to enter rehab can give an overwhelming feeling. Going through the process with their partner can provide the comfort and support they need. While free drug rehab for married couples is rare, it is not impossible to find one. Religious organizations and non-profit rehab organizations sometimes offer free treatment for couples with addiction. You just need to do your research in order to find one.

How Couples Rehab Works

Most rehab programs provide Behavioral Couples Therapy (BCT) or Integrated Behavioral Couples Therapy (IBCT) to address the problem. BCT and IBCT support sobriety by restructuring the interactions of the couple. This includes learning their triggers and how to avoid them. Couples also learn how to spend quality time together that doesn’t involve the use of drugs or alcohol.

Living arrangements can differ from one couples rehab center to another. Most programs start with each partner attending medically administered detox alone before participating in counseling together. Some inpatient facilities allow couples to share a room during treatment. Other inpatient facilities require couples to stay in separate sleeping quarters. Another arrangement is for one partner to participate as an outpatient and the other as an inpatient. Treatment can last from 1 month to 9 months, depending on the program and the couple.

Couples rehab usually includes a combination of group therapy also with joint and individual counseling. BCT requires couples to create “recovery contracts” or promises that they make to each other not to consume drugs or alcohol to support their sobriety.

Can You Use Your Health Insurance to Pay for Couples Rehab?

If you can’t find a free drug rehab for married couples, you may want to call your insurance provider and ask if your health insurance covers couples rehab. Health insurance providers handle coverage for alcohol and drug addiction treatment in various ways. If they do cover addiction treatment, you should ask about the scope of coverage such as how many days of treatment it covers. The insurance representative may indicate the section in the health insurance policy that covers drug rehab. It is best that you read that part of the policy, carefully.

You can also find out what kind of health insurance a treatment facility accepts. Many treatment facilities have a section on their website that lists the health insurance companies they work with. Once you’ve got a list of these health insurance companies, you can contact them to clarify whether your plan covers drug rehab for married couples or not.

Even if your health insurance doesn’t cover drug rehab for married couples, it is important that you get treatment from the right facility. You and your partner may need to enter a treatment facility using your health coverage.  This way, you can still get treatment and achieve a sober life as a couple. Follow the treatment plan created by the treatment facility to maintain lasting sobriety and have a happy and healthy relationship. Locate a couples rehab today and start recovery together.

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