It often happens that people feel shy about going out in public for not having handsome physical features. In the age of Instagram and Snapchat, everyone is sharing their hottest body pics and gaining followers. Instagram models are cashing in on their beauty by lucrative advertisement deals and sponsorship. Even if you do not care much about fame and glamour, health is always the prime reason to get fit and join a gym. Read this article to find out how you give your body the perfect shape and gain muscles.

Eat your Heart out: If there ever was time to eat and eat some more, it is now. You need to stock up on calorie and be on a high protein diet to generate muscle. But before you start eating anything that you can put your hands on, hold up! There is absolutely a technique to this madness.

  • First, you have to learn about the food groups containing the most amount of protein. Red meat of any sort is an excellent source of protein. Chicken, duck, turkey and other poultry birds too, provide the body with its required protein nutrients. Fish, eggs and dairy products are consumed for their protein content and are popular with bodybuilders and trainers.
  • If you are vegan and are worried about how you meet your daily protein dosage, fear not! There are a lot of vegan options available as well to help you get your protein. Tofu, lentils and various seeds and nuts are packed with high protein – good for your health. You may also add a protein powder to your daily food chart to avoid missing out on stocking up on protein.

Pump it Up: Yes! It is time to start working out again. Only those spending time in the gym know what an adrenalin-rush it is to work on the body. The first few days in the gym will be the hardest as your body might want to give up. But you have to rise above the challenge and dominate your body into thinking about the benefits that you will get in return if you could do just one more set of push-ups! Work under the supervision of a gym instructor to get the best results.

Cheat Days: Every once in a while, let your body relax a bit. Cheat days are days when you don’t really follow any strict diet and eat whatever you want. Yes, you read that right! You can have ice-cream, pizza or a bowl of pasta. Cheat day is for you to load up on carbohydrates and healthy fats. You might think that all the sugary treats will undo the work you’ve been doing in the gym; it is quite the contrary. Your digestive system should be strong enough to handle a few sugary treats.

To build a chiseled body, you should eat something every three hours. Do not skip a meal as your body needs the food to generate muscles. Always have a health shake before lifting the weights, as the amino acid in the shake increases the protein synthesis better during a workout. Another useful tip is to drink a glass of warm milk every single night before going to bed.

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