You Should Try Yogurt Breakfast Bowls Right Now

Health and wellness saw a significant boom since the start of 2020, and people are growing more health-conscious by the day, practicing better lifestyle decisions in any shape or form possible from the comfort of home. And one of the most accessible ways people have been actively choosing to do is following healthy food trends and crazes that manage to blow up on TikTok or Instagram, like homemade barbacoa and reinventing the classic caesar salad.

However, amidst all this hype around the next best dish to learn and take for a spin, we think many people overlook the unmatched benefits of the traditional yogurt breakfast bowl that’s seen better days in the past. So, today we will be unraveling the benefits behind this breakfast staple and why it definitely should take a regular spot among your breakfast meal choices.

#1 They’re Easy To Make

While we do love taking our sweet time to meal prep beforehand and provide the necessary amount of love and effort to piece together a delicious breakfast, we also won’t deny that there will be mornings where you want to kick back and relax. And of the best benefits of creating yogurt breakfast bowls is that they’re effortless to make and won’t require as much tedious meal prepping behind the scenes. So, rehashing your own yogurt breakfast bowl recipe is perfect for those on a strict schedule the second they wake up.

  • Takes Only Five Minutes: At its core, a breakfast bowl is all about putting healthy things together, and with greek yogurt as the foundation, it will only take five minutes tops if you have all the select ingredients ready inside the fridge. Therefore, the only thing that comes close to a yogurt breakfast bowl in terms of prep time would either be toast or a bowl of cereal, meals that aren’t as fulfilling.
  • Mix & Match Your Toppings: You also enjoy meal prepping freedom because there’s no single best approach to making a yogurt breakfast bowl. From acai berries to slices of banana, you can mix and match as many toppings as you’d like to get your desired taste. Plus, if you want to go the extra mile, yogurt bowls also pair well with any homemade smoothie of your choice.

#2 Super Healthy Start To The Day

Apart from the versatility aspect, yogurt breakfast bowls are a super healthy meal to start the day because the recipe naturally calls for nutrient-dense ingredients. As a result, when you compare this meal to the traditional bacon and eggs combo we’ve all come to know, you can easily tell which breakfast scores higher and hits your macros more efficiently.

  • Great For Weight Management: Health and wellness also directly translate to participating in active fitness. If there’s one universal factor that always impacts how you attain your body physique goals, it’s food. Lucky for us, while yogurt breakfast bowls pack a punch in vitamins and minerals, they also tend to be low-calorie meals. So, it’s very helpful for those trying to get into a caloric deficit without sacrificing taste and nutrients.
  • Improves Long-term Health: Age comes with the acceptance that our bodies won’t function as optimally as they did before, but yogurt breakfast bowls come fully equipped with vast nutrients that can slow down and reduce the effects of certain health risks. For example, because yogurt is naturally rich in calcium, these meals can help with your next dentist appointment and even reduce the chances of osteoporosis.

#3 Super Affordable

Last but not least, with everyday grocery items and essential goods becoming more expensive as the world opens up, yogurt breakfast bowls will help cut down some of that budget because they are super affordable to make. Not to mention that you can buy some of the crunchier ingredients that have a long shelf life in bulk, like chia seeds, oatmeal, and almonds, to save just a little bit more. Of course, stick with fresh for all your fruity goodness because keeping too many in stock for too long might turn to waste before you even get the chance to make the breakfast bowl.

But Please Don’t Eat Too Much.

Likewise, with all good things in this world, it’s only natural for them to have a downside, and for our beloved yogurt breakfast bowls, you might want to avoid eating too much in a single seating. While lactose intolerant individuals might find yogurt more tolerable than fresh milk, having too much dairy in your system can still lead to some bloating, or in worst cases, even some diarrhea. Also, if you aren’t careful with your toppings and indulge too much, you might go way past the calorie count you’re trying to reach.

Spice Up Your Next Breakfast

Nevertheless, yogurt breakfast bowls are an excellent way to spice up your next meal, and if you have some extra fresh ingredients lying around, then we strongly recommend picking up some greek yogurt on your next grocery run. And if you can stay relatively responsible with your intake and measuring the ingredients, you can guarantee yourself a sweet treat every morning.

Meta title: Unraveling The Benefits Behind A Healthy Yogurt Breakfast Bowl
meta desc: Yogurt breakfast bowls used to be the trend some two or three years ago, and while it did try to make a comeback at the start of 2020, it’s found a niche place among health-conscious social circles. Keep reading and learn why you should give yogurt breakfast bowls a second chance.

By Matthew M. Gable

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