What You Need to Know About Hemp

Hemp, otherwise called Cannabis Sativa or industrial hemp has over the years been confused with the famous Cannabis plant which is greatly used to produce marijuana drug and in preparation of hashish. With numerous researches on the Cannabis Sativa, it’s now clear that the plant has a lot of health benefits and is slowly being embraced by science. Unlike hashish and marijuana, hemp has a very small percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol which is known to have psychoactive effects on people. It is therefore practically impossible that one can get high on any hemp products. For better understanding, visit https://www.neotericnutra.com/. Listed below are the hemp cannabis species.


Cannabis Sativa


This species grows annually and has been in use for centuries. It is greatly used as a spiritual instrument, seed oil, drug and medicinal purposes and its fiber has been industrialized over the years.


Cannabis Indica


Also, an annual plant, it originates from the Hindu Mountains and does very well in temperate climates. This specie is used in inducing sleep.


Cannabis Ruderalis


This species of Cannabis originates from Central Asia. It can resist harsh climate compared with the latter two. It is famous in food production and for its hemp seeds which are very famous for their oil.


Hemp oil is known as one of the most nutritious oils in all the plant oils around the world. In relation to that, hemp oil has several health benefits as listed below.


Beautifies the Skin


A beautiful skin not only makes one look radiant, but it also boosts ones confidence. Research shows that lack of omega 6 and vitamin E in your diet can lead to skin dryness and some conditions such as psoriasis. Hemp oil has great amounts of the needed minerals and vitamins that will leave your skin looking radiant.


It Is A Great Immune Booster


The fatty acids in hemp oil enhance optimal production of the required bacteria which gets rid of the bad bacterial that causes infections.


Reduces Cholesterol


It is required that daily, your consumption of saturated fats should be I part while that of unsaturated should be at least 3. When one increases the consumption of saturated fats, it leads to high cholesterol levels. Hemp seed has a natural ratio of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids respectively making it perfect for your daily cholesterol intake

Keeps the Heart in Check


Ensuring that you take the right amount of fatty acids ensures that your cholesterol levels are at pa. This in turn ensure that your heart stays healthy and avoids premature atherosclerosis


Helps in Balancing Hormones


This especially comes as an advantage to women who have irregular menstrual cycles and helps them cope with the pre-menstrual syndrome. Young ladies or women who have painful menstruation can also benefit from the gamma-linoleic acid which is the omega 6 in hemp oil that helps in balancing of hormones. Not only will the hemp oil help in reducing cramps but it can completely do away with the pain.

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