Video gaming and playing team sports

If you think back to when you were little, chances are that some of your fondest memories come from playing outside, whether this was climbing trees or kicking a ball around with your friends. Nowadays, children are often found indoors on their computers rather than spending much needed time out of the house. It’s something that is seen as detrimental, however when used the right way and in moderation, playing video games might actually benefit your little sports star. Here’s why.

Different Way of Learning

It’s easy to see video games as a mindless hobby which can leave your child hooked and antisocial. However, have you ever given thought to what benefits it could have? For those who play sports, and especially those who are part of a team, playing a sports based video game could give them a better insight into the game and how it is played as well as being able to see the whole game play from a brand new perspective.

It’s easy enough for coaches to list tactics and the way the game should go but it’s important to remember that children have a short attention span and much prefer to learn whilst doing rather than watching or listening. It wouldn’t be surprising if their concentration was lost in this type of coaching session with speeches and plays drawn out on a board. Children learn best through play and from their own experiences, so playing video games which walk them through a full match may actually teach them more effectively than listening to someone relaying similar information through speech.

Wearing matching Adidas Football Kits, like those found at, can help make it easier for those who struggle to pass to their teammates as they become easily identifiable both in during matches and in their training sessions. Video game teams all have the same kit, which makes it easy to see where to aim.

Developing Their Knowledge

When children play a video game, they must make themselves aware of the rules pretty quickly in order to understand how it works. If they play a football game they will be able to pick up the rules, just as they would in a training session, but in a much more fun way and in a way which may make it more memorable. They can see who their player should pass to and which tactics work, something that can be taken back to their role in the team. Instead of running after the ball regardless of where it is on the pitch – something children in football teams often do – they will be able to develop their understanding of positions and the importance of staying in the correct area for the team to succeed.

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