The Numerous Benefits of Wearing Prescription Sunglasses in Edmonton

Whenever you’re on the go, it is critical that you safeguard your eyes and make sure you have comfortable and clear vision. Besides causing temporary loss of vision, the harmful sunrays could potentially cause long-term eye damage. Whether your needs are function or fashion, you should take your time to find an optometry clinic in Edmonton that will provide you with a wide range of prescription sunglasses that perfectly match your lifestyle.

For those currently wearing prescription eyeglasses, protection from the sun is now available in numerous options that include prescription sunglasses, eyeglasses with easy clip-on sunglass lenses, or photochromic lenses. However, the best eyewear solution is largely dependent on your comfort, personal preferences, and the option that best suits your individual lifestyle.

Investing in your eye health is helpful, as it maintains and preserves your vision after the completion of the eye exam, whether or not you need sunglasses. Based on the professional recommendation of optometrists, below are some good reasons to wear sunglasses. The benefits include:

UV Protection

The sun’s UV rays cause harmful effects to your eyes and skin, as well. Failure to wear prescription sunglasses exposes your eyes to the harmful effects of direct sunlight, which means you risk long-term and short-term UV damage to your retina and cornea. When you visit your local optometry clinic in Edmonton, your eye doctor can prescribe the best sunglasses that will essentially provide you with 100% UV-Protection.


The sun, as well as the glare it causes, can make it extremely uncomfortable for you to be outdoors. All you need are sunglasses prescribed by your optometrist and you will see more clearly and comfortably outside. Furthermore, the sunglasses will prevent damage that could potentially be caused by the sun.

Eliminating Sun Glare

If you have corrective lenses, investing in a pair of high-quality sunglasses prescribed by your optometrists is beneficial and effective for eliminating glare caused by excessive sunshine while driving. Instead of sacrificing clear sight or no glare, you can just switch between your regular eyeglasses and your sunglasses.

Darkness Adaptation

When you spend a considerable amount of time outside while the sun is up, adjusting to the darkness indoors can prove to be difficult. Thankfully, sunglasses make it easier for your eyes to quickly adapt to any light changes in the most effective way.

Many Frame and Lens Options

Unlike in the past, the modern day sunglasses prescribed by the optometrists do not cramp your style, mainly because they are available in many styles of frames and lenses. The lenses often prescribed for sunglasses correct problems such as astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. You may additionally choose the progressive or bifocal lenses. The best feature is that your optometrist can present a number of stylish frame options.

If you currently have eyeglasses, you might want to consider the wonderful option of prescription sunglasses, as these come in a dizzying variety of eye lenses and frame options to match your lifestyle. Therefore, keep your vision and your eyes safe in summer by scheduling a visit to your optometry clinic in Edmonton for your prescription glasses.

When it comes to matters involving your vision, it is imperative that you get access to specific products like sunglasses you can trust. When you need prescription sunglasses, do not hesitate to visit a reputable optometry clinic in Edmonton. An expert eye doctor can recommend the best eye protection that will not detract from your individual and unique style.

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