Medical Tourism: How Can You Prepare for it?

Let’s be honest here, the US sports one of the best healthcare worldwide, but many Americans struggle to pay for it every year. About 23% of the given American population have problems in paying their medical bills. Some of these Americans are in debt because of it.

Debts and the struggle to pay for medical bills can lead to more adverse problems you might have post-surgery. This can lead to further complications, even if you only had minor surgery. This is why many are opting to get medical procedures done in other countries.

Medical tourism is becoming more prevalent as healthcare and many medical procedures become more expensive in the US. Sometimes it might not be about the cost but the needed expertise to pull off the procedure. For example, some cosmetic procedures might only be available in other countries specializing in it, like South Korea. These specializations are important if you want to have the safest and most effective surgery for your condition.

However, if it’s your first time getting surgery in another country, you’re going to need to prepare for it months in advance. Remember that traveling can affect your body before the surgery, so you have to make sure that you’re the healthiest you can be when you reach a medical provider in another country. Here are some of the ways you can prepare for your surgery abroad.

Contact and Research About the Healthcare Provider

Before getting the surgery you need in another country, you must contact that healthcare provider beforehand. If your doctor refers you, that’s good since you already know who to call. However, if you’re personally doing this without a referral, you must do your research on the internet.

You can start by researching some healthcare providers online regarding your condition. You can ask some telehealth providers if they know certain healthcare providers overseas that offer the surgery for your condition. They can give you a list to help you narrow your search. You can also visit forums and ask around if they know the best place to get the surgery you need. Although it isn’t recommended that you follow everything you read on the internet, some may help narrow your search.

Once you’ve got the contact information of different healthcare providers overseas, it’s time to contact them to get an opinion of your current situation. They are the ones to tell you whether the procedure you need is worth doing in another country or not. They will also tell you what you need to do before surgery and what you need to prepare for the procedure. Doing this will ensure that you have the necessary information you need for the surgery to prepare for it in advance.

Reduce Stress

As stated earlier, stress plays a big role in medical operations. You must have the least amount of stress and anxiety before your surgery. You need to be mentally healthy and prepared for it if you want a positive outcome out of the medical procedure.

You can reduce stress in various ways. You can consider getting a vacation leave days before your trip. This will give you a chance to do things that can calm your nerves, such as going to the spa or hiking in a nearby park. If you can’t do this, you can start practicing self-awareness exercises instead. Self-awareness exercises such as meditation have been known to prepare the body for surgery. It also gives you the chance to accept your current situation. This gives you a chance to fortify your mind before having your surgery in another country.

Exercise and Maintain Your Weight

Weight can affect certain surgical procedures. It can also be detrimental to your overall health post-surgery. This is why you should try to maintain or lose weight (if needed) months before your surgery abroad.

Exercise is something you should do before your operation unless you are told not to do so. Exercise can help your circulatory system, and a healthy circulation can ensure that your surgery will go well. It will also help you maintain your current weight so that there are no drastic changes in your body before your overseas surgery. You can also consider going on a diet.

When going on a diet, you mustn’t starve yourself. This is very important when you’re going to have surgery. Concentrate on eating healthier and nutritious meals. Lessen your portions or maybe divide them throughout the day so that you don’t starve your body from the nutrients you need.

Here are some simple ways to prepare for your surgery abroad. Surgeries, whether you have them here or abroad, play a big factor in your lifestyle. Ensure you are healthy and well before you leave the country, and make sure that your mind is prepared for such an undertaking. These are all essential when you’re leaving the country for a medical procedure abroad.


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