In Home Care Vs. Assisted Living: Weighing the Pros and Cons

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If you’re struggling with figuring out how to care for an aging parent, it can be difficult to figure out what’s best. Between researching the best option for care for seniors and figuring out the most convenient option for you and your family, it can feel impossible to get everything to add up. But getting the best care for your aging parent shouldn’t have to stress you out. If you’re trying hard to figure out what your senior needs, there are a few options you can count on to offer exceptional resources and ways of caring for the elderly. From first-rate nursing homes to state-of-the-art assisted living facilities, you can find everything you need to help your aging friend or parent get the best care that money can buy. If you’re looking for a few more options for your loved ones, here are some ways you can figure out the best course to take when it comes to assisted care.

Assisted Living vs. In Home Care: Main Differences

The main distinction between assisted living and in-home care has to do with the amount of care your loved one needs. As you may already know, older adults go through phases of need depending on their physical health and mental stability. If you’re dealing with a senior who is starting to have memory trouble or is developing more serious issues around basic mobility, assisted living will give your senior the ability to have a bit more independence within a more controlled facility. While assisted living care facilities are not nursing homes, they do come equipped with staff members who can assist and guide seniors in a crisis. They’ll also be able to socialize easily with other seniors. If your senior is doing well on their own and doesn’t need a lot of outside help, live-in care might be the best option.

Assisted Living Pros

If your senior is having a bit more trouble with the bigger responsibilities of solitary life, such as going out grocery shopping, cooking for themselves, taking pills on time, and being social, assisted living can be the perfect way for a senior to stay healthy, active, and protected in a safe environment. They’ll be able to socialize with other people their age and have a lot of independence while enjoying the stability of a more intensive care environment. Assisted living facilities let seniors go their own way while taking care of meals, entertainment, and social events. They also allow seniors to let go of the everyday stresses of living alone, like cleaning, cooking, and going to doctor’s appointments.

Assisted Living Cons

Assisted Living Pros

Assisted living is great if a senior needs a lot of help around the house and gets increasingly stressed by independent life. However, if a senior is very attached to their home environment, assisted living might not be the best option. For older adults who want to stay in a familiar environment, in-home care might be a better way to help with the transition. For a senior who is starting to grapple with more serious health issues, in-home care can also be a more helpful way to allow them to stay independent for as long as they can. In-home care allows for more frequent visits from family and a more spontaneous lifestyle as well.

In-Home Care Pros

In-home care is wonderful for seniors who are doing great living on their own but might be needing a bit of extra help when it comes to basic organization. If your aging friend or parent is having trouble focusing or accomplishing basic tasks at home, having a worker come in semi-regularly to help out can be a huge relief for seniors. In-home care is also a great transitional option. If an aging parent or friend is having trouble getting used to the idea of assisted living, starting with in-home care can be a great way to help ease them into the idea.

In Home Care Cons

While in-home care can be perfect for adults who are mostly independent and want to stay close to home, having a nurse or senior helper in a few times a week can’t compare to the stability and safety of assisted living. In-home care might not be the best option for seniors who are already having trouble maintaining a social life outside of the home. If your aging friend or parent is struggling more and more with basic tasks and sociability, consider assisted living as your next step.

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