How To Find An Attorney For A Zantac Case?

Zantac lawsuit is a menace in society. There are several claims and litigation matters over health problems cause by the drug.

Zantac is a medicine used for treating acid reflux and heartburn. However, it may have some adverse effects on patients. Having an experienced attorney can make a difference to the lawsuit over Zantac.

The drug contains potentially dangerous levels of a notorious carcinogen. It leads to NDMA exposure, which can be fatal for patients.  However, manufacturers of the drug spend time as well as resources to defend their cause in the court. Hence, it is important to have a seasoned lawyer on the side.

So, what are the factors to consider when you look for an attorney for such a complicated case?

How To Begin Your Search

Going online, you would find plenty of resources to put together a list of attorneys to contact. You can also ask for referrals from a trusted source, such as a friend or family. Though people may not have a good network when it comes to attorneys, and especially for a Zantac case, you can still give it a shot.

Remember, you not only want an experienced attorney, but you also want someone to trust and be comfortable. You can also check with the state’s bar association to know more about attorneys in detail and understand their area of practice.

What Should You Ask Potential Attorneys

Whether you are talking to the attorney over the phone or in person, here are a few things to consider about your Zantac lawsuit:

  • How many years of practice does the lawyer have?
  • What percentage of the attorney’s practice involves cases related to personal injury? Does the lawyer have experience in handling other matters related to medications or products, or Zantac lawsuits?
  • Whom does the attorney represent most often – plaintiff or defendant? You wouldn’t want a personal injury attorney who represents only defendants to represent your case. An attorney representing plaintiffs who suffered has several difficulties.
  • Would the attorney handle your case personally or pass it on to his junior? It is normal for attorneys to let their inexperienced juniors handle routine cases. But the primary responsibility of the case should rest with the attorney himself.
  • What is the mode of payment to the lawyer and for court expenses? Personal injury lawyers only receive a payment if the plaintiff receives compensation through a settlement or during the trial. Usually, they receive a certain percentage of the sum of money received as compensation. Make sure you confirm that.

Consider all special needs and practicalities related to the case.

Attorney Fees And Other Factors

The attorney would likely handle the Zantac lawsuit based on a contingency fee. It means, if there is an out-of-the-court settlement or the lawsuit goes for a trial and the judgment is in favor of you, the attorney gets a percentage of the total amount you receive, which is usually one-third of the compensation. However, if you don’t receive anything, the lawyer is not paid.

Remember to read the attorney-client contract fine print before signing it. Try to understand the contract in detail.

Lastly, even if your case is good, there’s a high chance that the lawyer is going to turn it down at the first opportunity. Hence, keep an open mind.


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