How to cure type 2 diabetes naturally and safely without medication or surgery?

Diabetes mellitus is a condition that shows a high level of glucose in the bloodstream. This condition makes it harder for organs to function normally and causes other health problems caused by diabetes.

In the recent era, diabetes mellitus has found a home in almost every country. Asian countries have the largest number of patients since their food regulatory authorities do not have strict measures on the quality of food like the FDA in the United States.

Regardless of food control and quality, people in the United States suffer from diabetes in the millions. Each year, millions more are added to the list, while those who already suffer progressively become advanced diabetics. Best way to treat it medically is trulicity and trulicity coupon is available at Prescription Hope where you can buy it cheaply.

Researchers and doctors fear that many millions more are pre-diabetic and do not even know it. This puts them at a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes within a few years. A prediabetic patient, if diagnosed at an early stage, can help to completely stop the disease from advancing and reverse any mild damage that has been caused.

The best way to prevent this deadly disease from advancing and devouring the lives of our young generation is to stop it before it starts to develop and move on in later stages. Because the body still works well but only faces minor problems in functioning, any treatment will work to eliminate the negative effects and bring the body to its normal state of health.

Governments and health organizations around the world are taking note of the harmful effects of type 2 diabetes on their citizens. More and more funds are being allocated to research to find a permanent cure for this malicious disease.Because of their debilitating condition, nations are losing a lot of income and incurring heavy health care costs to control diabetes mellitus.

Types of diabetes and the treatments available to them

Diabetes mellitus has been categorized into several heads. Each type is slightly different from the other, but the effects are the same in those where the blood glucose is higher than normal.

  1. Type 1 diabetes:this is a condition with autoimmune disorder. It means that the immune system is defective and created this condition. Type 1 is called early onset diabetes, since it is usually diagnosed in childhood and the child becomes dependent for life on external insulin.

The immune system and the spleen go into cannibal mode and destroy the healthy pancreatic cells responsible for the creation of insulin. Eventually, all the beta cells (insulin-producing cells) in the pancreas are completely destroyed and can not produce insulin.

When there is no insulin production, the patient must take oral supplements or insulin injections to control blood glucose.

About 10 to 15% of the diabetic population suffers from this condition. This is a rare condition that may be due to a genetic mutation, hereditary or physical damage to the pancreas, malformation of the organ or serious infection.

This condition is considered incurable since most autoimmune diseases are not curable. However, a patient with type 1 diabetes can manage his or her health to a large extent by following a strict diet and exercise plan.

Doctors can prescribe several medications that can help stimulate the pancreas to release insulin or start the growth of islets of langerhans. Some medications work as anticoagulants and help blood flow smoothly. This can have a serious side effect when there is a wound and the body has lost the ability to stop the blood flow.

We propose a pancreas transplant or an infusion of beta cells cultured in the laboratory to treat patients with type 1 diabetes. However, these measures are temporary since the immune system will eventually destroy healthy cells.

The infusion method is preferable to surgery because it is less invasive and can be carried out when necessary to keep the person healthy.

  1. Type 2 diabetes:this is the most common form of diabetes mellitus that is diagnosed in almost 85% to 90% of people with diabetes. This condition is totally curable if diagnosed at the beginning, but becomes increasingly difficult as it progresses in later stages.

A person has type 2 diabetes because of their unhealthy lifestyle. While some are predestined to develop this disease at some point in their lives due to hereditary factors, others develop it due to their continuous poor choice of food and lack of physical activity.

As more research is done, one thing has become clear to almost all doctors that obesity is directly related to diabetes. Obese people are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes very soon compared to other people who are thin and fit.

Generally obese people have a large amount of invisible fats hidden in the organs.In fact, before the body begins to show visible fats around the waist and other areas of the body, it stores excess fats in and around the organs.

This fat is called visceral fat, which is more dangerous than subcutaneous fats (muscle tissue). Visceral fat directly interferes with the functioning of the organs in which it accumulates. The fatty tissues cause disorders in the blood supply and the enzyme’s production activities of the organ. This puts undue pressure on the organ that leads to its exhaustion.

Because obesity is caused by unhealthy eating and eating habits, there is a high chance that the body also has a high level of unhealthy cholesterol (LDL) in the arteries. This puts the person at risk of heart attack.

The treatments that are given to type 2 diabetics are mainly focused on making the pancreas produce more insulin or making the body sensitive again to insulin.Some medications tend to slow down the process of absorbing glucose into the bloodstream. The degradation of food slows down so that glucose is extracted at a slower rate thus avoiding any increase in the level of glucose.

Anticoagulants are also prescribed for patients with type 2 diabetes who can prevent their body from thickening with blood and the dangers of clot formation. Some medications focus on tricking the brain into feeling full and thus avoiding bingeing.

While all of these medical treatments are meant to treat type 2 diabetes, they do have serious side effects. Anticoagulant agents can severely hamper blood clotting when there is a wound. This can lead to severe blood loss and anemia. Since the nervous system is also damaged, the patient remains unconscious of the wound until someone tells him about it.

The best method to treat type 2 diabetes is to put the patient on a weight loss program. The patient must lose around 10-20% of their body fat to begin the process of reversing diabetes. When there is weight loss, the body first takes advantage of visceral fats and uses them as fuel. This removes the dangerous grease to a maximum level by releasing the organs and letting them repair themselves.

This reduced weight should be maintained consistently with a healthy diet plan, daily exercises and a generally active lifestyle. With continuous healthy habits, the organs begin to heal and return to their original robust being. The pancreas will begin to produce enough insulin by reversing the condition safely and naturally without any dangerous medication.


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