How Financial Problems and Health Concerns Affect a Woman’s Decision to Terminate a Pregnancy

No matter how prepared you are, things may not always go your way. At times, it may be for the better. But, there are instances when you may find yourself wondering why you’re going through such hardships.

Let’s say, you’re in the early stages of pregnancy. Yes, it’s a privilege to be able to bring a new life into the world. However, there’s an ongoing pandemic. So, you may be having second thoughts on whether you should push through with giving birth or not. But, this is a big decision to make, so you’d need to go over some factors beforehand.

Infertility Isn’t The Only Hindrance

Many individuals dream of becoming a parent. But, not all women have the capability to bear a child in their womb. So, there are some couples who opt for adoption or surrogacy instead.

Financial Problems

But, infertility isn’t the only factor that may hinder a woman from having her own children. Nowadays, finances are also playing a big part in one’s decision-making. Of course, everything comes at a price.

Even during the nine-month period of pregnancy, expenses could already be a big problem. From paying for regular check-ups with the doctor to securing health insurance, and so on. These factors alone may cause you to stress out over your family’s future.

Health Concerns

And you probably already know that stress and anxiety would not only affect your mental well-being but your physical and emotional stability as well. You may start losing an appetite, which could eventually lead to weight loss. Insomnia could also be a possible effect. And given our current situation, people are also losing their jobs. So, if you happen to be in a similar situation, having a child might not be one of your priorities.

Along with that, there’s also a chance that you could get sick and catch the Covid-19 virus. Let’s say, you’re on your way to the hospital for your appointment. Of course, you won’t be able to know if the people you come into contact with are carriers. So, this could end up harming you and your baby as the days pass.

Even if there are vaccines on the way, it would still take a long time before everything returns to normal. Yes, there may not be enough evidence to prove that being pregnant puts you at a higher risk. But, it wouldn’t be ideal to take your chances as well.

Consult With Others

So, if you do end up getting pregnant during these times, you may want to consult with your partner, family members, or even a professional. They can help you decide whether you’ll push through with it or not. Even if you’re in the northern suburbs of Detroit, there are centers that could be able to give you helpful advice regarding your health and safety.

In some cases, abortion and family planning may also become an option. Whether it’s by taking a pill or undergoing a surgical operation. But, at the end of the day, the decision should be up to you. Yes, you can turn to them for guidance, but you should know what’s best for yourself.

Feeling Mixed Emotions

Let’s say, you do decide to terminate your pregnancy. Of course, in a way, this could affect you in the long run. You may start feeling mixed emotions. Usually, it’s due to the sudden change in your hormone cycle. Feelings of regret or guilt might also surface. At times, it could even lead to depression. This is why you could join a support group or attend counseling afterward. It’ll be better to know that there’s someone who’s willing to listen to what you’re going through.

Since most of us choose to stay at home, we can turn to technology as well. There are women who now have the chance to voice out their experiences online. You can visit websites to know more about how others felt during those times and how they managed to overcome such a situation.

You Have The Final Say

Not all women have the chance to bear their own child. But, nowadays, that’s no longer the sole issue that can act as a hindrance. Expenses keep on increasing, so it’ll take longer than usual before you can become financially stable to have a family of your own.

And with the current Covid-19 pandemic, your safety would always be at risk as well. So, if ever you do get pregnant during these times, you may want to consult with your loved ones or seek advice from a professional. But, no matter what options they give you, it’s still your decision to make. So, you should think carefully, because your choice could also affect your overall well-being in the long run.

Meta title: Pregnancy Issues Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic
meta desc: Nowadays, money and health are becoming an issue for most women, especially when it comes to pregnancy. Of course, expenses keep on increasing and there’s always a chance of acquiring the COVID-19 virus. So, what can you do?

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