Eating Only To Survive

A drug addiction isn’t the only reason that you might benefit from the assistance of a rehab center. If you have an eating disorder, there are counselors and other healthcare workers in rehab facilities who can give you the help that you need to see yourself as beautiful. The first step in seeking treatment is to recognize that you have an eating disorder by paying attention to some of the signs. A food addiction rehab California facility has workers who can talk to you about some of the life changes that you’ve experienced and some of the signs that are present so that you can work together to determine the best course of treatment.

One of the common signs of an eating disorder is insecurity with how you look. You might think that you’re too big or too small. These concerns often push the desire that you have to lose weight so that you can have the perfect body. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect body and that everyone has imperfections, which is something that you’ll learn when you go to a rehab facility for people who have eating disorders.

Another sign is exercising regularly to the point that it’s obsessive. There’s nothing wrong with exercising to stay healthy. When you begin exercising after every meal or because you feel as though you have gained a pound or two and need to quickly work to shed those pounds, then it can often be an indication that you have a disorder. Sometimes, you might not want to eat in front of other people. You might feel ashamed to eat in front of family members or friends, especially at large gatherings, school, or special events. There are times when you might avoid situations just so that you don’t have to eat in front of other people, which results in more weight loss. You could also prepare meals that are delicious for other people but that you don’t want to eat yourself. You see the joy on the faces of the people who eat the food that you make, but you don’t want to consume the food because you have a fear of gaining even a few ounces.

After not eating for some time or eating and then making yourself sick or exercising too much, you might begin to notice physical changes. These changes can include dry skin, hair loss, weight loss that is evident in how you look, teeth that are yellow from a lack of nutrients or from making yourself sick. You will begin to see changes in how your clothes fit. There are also some physiological changes that you might notice as well. These include irregular sleep patterns. You might wake up more often at night or sleep for longer lengths of time. Your skin might begin to feel cold to the touch. Sometimes, you might feel cold when others around you are warm. There will likely be times when you feel tired for no reason or you feel like you need to take a nap in the middle of the day. You could even pass out while you’re at home or while you’re outside the home. Your heart rate could become irregular as well as your menstrual cycle and other bodily functions.

Each time you eat something, you examine it to determine the number of calories it has and to determine it’s nutritional value. You’ll begin to look at packages when you go to the store to make sure you get items that have the fewest calories. If you have an eating disorder, then you will likely avoid going out to eat because the food has more calories compared to what you can fix at home. Sometimes, you might eat too much, especially if you want to make the people who are around you happy and want to keep others from thinking that there is something wrong. After eating a large amount, you might exercise to the point that you feel like you’re burned the calories consumed or even make yourself sick so that the food that you consumed doesn’t have a chance to stay in your body. If you notice any of these signs pertaining to yourself or someone you know, then consider contacting a rehab center to get the help that is needed.


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