4 ways to relieve pain and get back to training

It could be your first time in the gym or maybe you have gone through some rigorous exercises that have left you with pain all over your body especially the back. Research shows that back pain is the most common pain compared to any other part of the body the world over. The spine and the back muscles support much of the body’s weight; when you want to stand, sit, walk, it is this part that offers support and no wonder it is most affected. Over the counter, pain relief drugs may work but the side-effects are serious.

This article gives you tips on how you can do away with pain in the friendliest way possible and get back to training

Get the muscles moving by exercising

It is such a challenge getting up and going back to exercise when your back is paining. However, the kind of exercise here should be the less strenuous ones like yoga, some walk, and any other low impact activity that can get your muscles moving. Exercising eases muscle tension and releases endorphins- natural pain killers. As a starting point, you can begin by stretching so that you keep the muscles strong and flexible. Do this regularly and with time, you will be back on your feet. Have you noticed that just sitting and waiting for your muscles to heal may not be helpful? That is why you need to do those exercises regularly until the muscles get used.

Get a pain-relieving cream

There are varieties of creams that you can apply and get the pain off your body. These are available in the online shops or you can access them from the pharmacy. When looking for a cream, get one with elements like capsaicin which is a compound found in hot pepper and perfect for pain relief. Again, there are pain-relieving creams that contain menthol- these are effective in cooling the body and giving a sensation of relief.  Look for a reliable pain relief cream distributor and get the best quality which will help you deal with the pain.

Use heat and cold

Research shows that heat and cold are perfect in relieving pain. Ice packs are used immediately when someone gets a strain or any other injury. This is wrapped in a towel and then pressed where it’s paining. You shouldn’t apply ice for more than twenty minutes; it could turn harmful to your health.

You can also use a heating pad to relieve the stiff muscles. Here, you should be careful not to overheat the pad and thus turn it harmful. Without the pad, you can also heat a water bottle and place it on the affected area. This should be done regularly until you feel relieved.


Several stretches will help you be relieved of your pain. Bending to reach your toes is one of the effective stretches. This is done continuously until the back muscles loosen. You can also try cobra pose where you lay on your stomach and lift your chest gently as you face the ceiling. Be careful not to engage in stretches that could lead to more pain or even fractures.

Back pain and general body pain have a remedy. You only need to do the right things; the exercises, stretches and most importantly get the pain-relieving cream from https://www.fisiocrem.com.au/ a reliable distributor near you.

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