Top Products For Detoxification Shampoo When You Have To Pass A Hair Test

Did your employer require you to perform a hair drug test? Or are you planning to do one because of a position you are applying for? Well, this is a not a new procedure for employees and aspiring job applicants. Therefore, you do not have to worry about this concern, right? However, individuals, who regularly uses prohibited drugs like marijuana, will have to deal with his issue. Basically, you need to abstain because this is the most effective method that you can do to achieve a desirable result.

I know that it would be difficult to stop using marijuana, especially when you find peace in it, having fun due to the high feeling and it turned into a habit. But you should also think that some things may change and has to end, especially now that you have to undergo a medical exam. If you think that this is more important than illicit drugs, then you should know your priorities. That’s why is I suggest you to start working on various cleansing programs and detox methods as soon as possible.

Actually, you may even use various cleansing products like supplements and a hair detox shampoo for a hair follicle drug test at work. Well, that is if you have enough time and space to do this in your workplace. Anyway, you just need to make sure that you can do the cleansing methods when you are home, where you have all the time doing this. What you need to know now is, to find the right brand and how it works. And then, be sure to learn about this hair follicle testing to be performed.

What is a Hair Drug Test?

You are asked to take this laboratory test to detect the traces of THC and its history for the past 3 months. This means that it will not only detect the most recent use, but the previous ones as well. When the toxins enter your body, it will be stored into the cells as it passes the bloodstream. Which means that compounds like the THC will reach your hair, too. For this reason, it is now used as an accurate way to screen THC and the use of prohibited drugs like amphetamine, ecstasy, cocaine and opioids.

On this day, the person-charged in the clinic or center, will cut 100 – 120 strands with a 1.5-inch length. Some of you might not have enough on your head, so they may take from other spots on the body. After 24 hours, applying the ELISA screening, the result will be determined, especially when it is negative. And then, the result would be inconclusive when the procedure done was improper or sample was rejected. This means that the expert must collect a new set of sample again. Anyway, read here to learn more about ELISA and its use in THC evaluation.

After 72 hours, they are going to confirm that the result is positive. This done after performing a GC/MS or gas chromatography/mass spectrometry test on your sample. And then, it is also through this procedure, where drugs used can be determined. Before receiving this kind of result, you better figure out the detox product that you will apply.


One of the brands available in the market today is the Nexxus brand. Indeed, this is an old style product that is specifically designed with a formula that gets rid of toxin. The purpose of this cleansing method is to get into each strand and works by removing the unwanted substances and impurities, such as chlorine and pollutants. Therefore, it works well with prohibited drugs and THC as well.

Using this is simple and easy. You need to first apply the regular shampoos that you are using every day. After rinsing, apply this formulated product, then soak it and rinse with clean water. Do not forget to use a conditioner after detoxing for recovery because this contains a really strong formula. However, do not only rely on this, especially when you are a heavy user.

Clear Choice

Another detox option available in the market is the Clear Choice Brand. This product has a similar function with Nexxus, and that is to also get rid of the toxins in your strands. The detox kit does not come with a conditioner. Instead, it comes with a cleansing shampoo with a purifier.

The application is very simple and easy, too. The first step is to use the shampoo. And then, it is followed by the purifier. Massage this formula thoroughly onto the strands and scalp for the cleansing to work. After rinsing this, you are given an 8-hour window for its effectiveness.

Let me remind you that this is not really that strong compared to the Nexxus. However, you may use this product on the day of your test. This product only works on single to light users. The good thing here is that, you can easily avail it in the market.


We have the last option for you to choose from, and that is from the Zydot brand. This cleansing shampoo comes with the same ingredients and formula just like the other brands. Therefore, expect it to work with the same purpose – to get rid of your THC. The Zydot is a common formula among weed smokers, that’s why finding this brand is very easy. Though, if this is still not enough, you may try other remedies from

This kit comes with 3 formulas. We have the cleansing shampoo, the purifier and then, the conditioner. By the way, when it comes to the conditioner, you may choose the one that you prefer most because it does not contain special ingredients. The shampoo comes in packets. Do not use the whole of it at once. You need to use half of it first, then the purifier and make sure to apply it thoroughly not only into the strands, but into the scalp as well. Rinse this and then, use the other half. After this procedure, you may now use the conditioner.

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