Fun Games for Enjoyable Workout Sessions

The secret to maintaining enthusiasm in your fitness journey is making your workout sessions fun. Sports such as soccer, volleyball or athletics are always excellent options, however, if you aren’t a fan of sports then play-oriented workouts are also a good alternative.

Games are good for the brain. A play session can help encourage you to do your workout routine while also encouraging you to put in extra effort. Also, if the exercises are efficient and you enjoy doing them, you’re more likely to stick to a routine and get results.

Another great thing about fitness-inspired games is that you don’t need a coach to get you through them.

Turn the Party into a Fitness Event

For this game, you’ll need party cups or plastic cones – at least three for every person participating in the game.

Place the cups or cones around an ample open space. It can be on your lawn or at the local park. Next, divide yourselves into two teams, team A will go around tipping the cups over while team B will be standing the cups back up.

Now set your stopwatch for around sixty seconds or so and blow the whistle. When time is up, whichever group has the highest number of cups in their position wins the game. Repeat.

Fitness Advantages

Other than tipping cups and turning them up again this involves a lot of more physical activity. You’re sprinting and making sudden changes in direction, all of which are efficient cardio movements.

Additionally, the short play and rest periods turn this game into a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Workout) which is a proven fat burner. You can also check out for workout supplements to help boost your performance.

The Obstacle Race

You will need a few friends with you to play this game. To make it more exciting and challenging, the losers will have to reward the winners.

You can use chairs, ropes, balls, cones, and tables as obstacles within the racing area. The idea behind this game is that each obstacle should force a specific movement, be it jumping, crawling, throwing or squatting.

So, the more obstacles you can add to the race to make it more interesting the better. Don’t forget, you’ll also need a stopwatch for timing.

Fitness Advantages

Aside from sprinting from the start point to the finish line this game does involve other body movements. Squats, for instance, boost stability and strengthen your core and lower body muscles.

Workout to The Beat

Music is a good source of motivation during training sessions. You can do it alone or team up with your family or friends.

For each song you listen to, pick an exercise, one for the lower body, another for the upper body, and one power exercise. When one song is playing, you’ll select an activity and do it through the verses and then switch to the plank during the chorus.

You’ll pick different exercises for different songs. Additionally, you can take a breather before switching songs.

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