Can Vaping Save The World From Smoking?

Smokers have been searching for information about vaping and if it is better than traditional smoking. The main question remains, can vaping save the world from smoking? Research done on the effects of vaping compared to the effects of traditional smoking shows that smokers suffer more health complications when compared to vapers. More research is in progress to prove this. However, some experts disagree with this and claim that both smoking and vaping are equally harmful to the human body and should be avoided at all costs. Today, vaping is seen as a better alternative to smoking and as a way of saving the world from smoking. This article highlights the main reasons why vaping is considered safer than smoking traditional cigarettes.

Less damage to your health.

Smoking is very dangerous to your health and especially the lungs. Regular cigarettes contain tobacco and additional dangerous chemicals. Some of the effects smoking has on your health include:

  • Lung cancer.
  • Mouth cancer.
  • Stroke.
  • Nausea.
  • Dizziness.
  • Brain damage.

E-cigarettes produce fewer chemicals since there is no combustion involved unlike the traditional cigarettes and therefore have less harmful effects on the body.

No odor.

Vaping releases the smell of the various flavours used and is less irritating compared to the smell of tobacco. This offers some confidence to vapers because they do not go around smelling like smoke and being singled out as smokers. The smoke released after a session of smoking may also annoy people around you because their health is affected as well. Vaping does not produce smoke and you can always regulate the smell from vape juices and e-cigarettes.

Availability of different nicotine levels.

Vape juices come in different flavors and nicotine levels. The most common flavors available are fruits, foods, desserts, menthol, beverages, and others. The varying nicotine levels enable vapers to choose their desired nicotine level and even nicotine-free vapes. For detailed information on flavors, nicotine levels, and types of e-cigarettes, you can read more here.

Vaping helps smokers quit smoking.

As a safer alternative to smoking, vaping is useful on the journey of a smoker, especially if they intend to quit. It is less harmful to the lungs compared to cigarettes. This means that there will be a great reduction of lung and overall body deterioration due to smoking. There are also vape juices and other vaping products that are nicotine-free. This comes in handy for smokers because it provides the feeling of smoking without the harmful effects of tobacco. This way, smokers can quit smoking slowly without the nasty withdrawal symptoms.

Exercising control.

When using e-cigarettes, you can control the amount of nicotine you consume, the number of puffs, and the vapor output. You can choose from vape juices with various nicotine strengths. This helps you regulate the amount of nicotine that you vape. The tools used for vaping also help to exercise control, especially over the number of puffs, which helps to control cravings without going overboard.


Vaping does not necessarily save the world from smoking, but it is safer. However, it should be noted that vaping is not completely harmless, and just like any product, it has side-effects.


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