What causes wrinkles and how to prevent them?

Wrinkles? Oh my Goodness.

Wrinkles are not just a nightmare for the women today, it also is something of deep concern for men as none of us want to lag in the line of beauty. But what are wrinkles and how are they caused? What is the reason behind the wrinkles and how can we prevent them from appearing? Which is the best wrinkle cream and does these creams help lift the wrinkles off your skin?

All this and much more, you are going to find here on this post. So keep reading.

First thing to understand is that the wrinkles are the fine lines that appear on your skin on the parts that are most exposed to the sunlight. These include face, hands, feet and neck. These fine lines can get permanent with time and they can give an impression of age to the effected person.

Wrinkles, are not something pleasant at all, therefore it is the best thing to do to prevent them from appearing on your skin. And the prevention is easy as well.

But how are the wrinkles caused?

The wrinkles are formed on the skin due to the following few reasons and the simple prevention is to avoid them.

  • Age

Age is the factor that is most pronounced one when it comes to the wrinkled skin. As you get older, the oils produced in your skin get lesser in amount and thus the skin becomes dry, less oily and saggy which results in the wrinkled skin. As the skin becomes fragile, it does not retain its shape and looks loose.

  • Exposure to ultraviolet rays

The exposure to the ultraviolet rays present in the sunlight is another big reason behind the skin looking wrinkled. Therefore, you must not get yourself exposed to the sunlight too much. When the skin gets a lot of sunlight, the connectivity amongst the tissues of the skin becomes broken and you eventually lose your healthy skin.

  • Smoking

The habit of smoking does not only effect your lungs, but it also makes the wrinkles appear on your skin and makes your skin look saggy. Therefore, you must quit smoking if you want to look younger for long. On the other hand, the use of the skin care products and good wrinkle cream can help you lift the skin to some extent, but make sure you have got the dermatologist approved one for your skin.

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