The Diabetes Lies


If you’re a diabetic, your Doctor can on no occasion tell you that almost all cases of polygenic disease square measure curable. In fact, if you even mention the “cure” word to him, he can presumably become upset and absurd. His graduate school coaching solely permits him to reply to the word “treatment”. For him, the “cure” word doesn’t exist. Sort a pair of polygenic disease, in its fashionable widespread type, could be a curable sickness and has been for a minimum of forty years. In 2001, the foremost recent year that America figures square measure announce, 934,550 Americans needlessly died from out-of-control symptoms of this sickness.

Physician will ne’er tell you that, at just one occasion, strokes, each ischaemic and hurt, cardiopathy thanks to pathology additionally as each ischaemic and hurt coronary events, obesity, arterial sclerosis, elevated pressure level, elevated steroid alcohol, elevated triglycerides, impotence, retinopathy, renal disorder, liver failure, polycystic ovary syndrome, elevated glucose, general fungus, impaired supermolecule metabolism, poor wound healing, impaired metabolism, peripheral pathology additionally as more of today’s disgraceful epidemic disorders were once well understood usually to be however symptoms of polygenic disease.

If you contract polygenic disorder and rely on thought medical treatment, sooner or later you’ll expertise one or additional of its symptoms because the sickness chop-chop worsens. it’s currently common observe to visit these symptoms as if they were divisible, freelance diseases with separate, unrelated treatments provided by competitive medical specialists.

It is true that a lot of those symptoms will and generally do result from alternative causes; but, it’s conjointly true that this truth has been accustomed disguise the tributary role of polygenic disorder and to justify expensive, ineffective treatments for these symptoms.

Epidemic sort II polygenic disorder is curable. By the time you get to the top of this book, you’re about to apprehend that. You are going to grasp why it’s not habitually being cured. And, you’re going to grasp the way to cure it. You’re additionally likely to be angry at what some of greedy individuals have sneakily done to the complete health profession and to its trusting patients.

The Diabetes Industry:

Today’s polygenic disease business could be a huge community that has big step by step from its dubious origins within the early twentieth century. Within the last eighty years it’s become hugely winning at closing out competitive voices that conceive to indicate the fraud concerned in fashionable polygenic disease treatment. It’s matured into a faith. And, like all religions, it depends heavily upon the religion of the believer. Therefore winning has it become that it verges on blasphemy to counsel that, the type high priest with the medical instrument draped conspicuously around his neck could be a cheater and a fraud. Within the giant majority of cases, he has ne’er cured one case of polygenic disease in his entire medical career.

The monetary and political influence of this health profession has virtually altogether subverted the first intent of our restrictive agencies. They habitually approve death-dealing, ineffective medicine with scarce testing. Former commissioner of the authority, Dr Herbert pasture, in testimony before a senate hearing, commented: “People assume the authority is protective them. It isn’t. What the authority is doing and what the general public thinks it’s doing square measure as completely different as night and day.”

The monetary and political influence of this health profession utterly controls nearly each polygenic disease publication within the country. Several polygenic disease publications square measure backed by ads for polygenic disease provides. No polygenic disease editor goes to permit the reality to be written in his magazine. If a polygenic disease magazine starts putt up stories of the way to cure your polygenic disease naturally, then what would be the purpose of getting ads for medicine and supplies? Drug firms would stop sponsoring the magazine and it might depart of business. The sole method the magazine will survive is by printing stories of however nice the medicine square measure. This can be why the diabetic solely pays regarding one quarter to third of the price of printing the magazine he depends upon for correct info. The remainder is backed by polygenic disease makers with a unconditional business interest in preventing diabetics from activity their polygenic disease. once searching for sources that tell the reality regarding polygenic disease, look 1st to envision if it’s choked with ads for polygenic disease provides.

And then there square measure the assorted associations that solicit annual donations to search out a cure for his or her proprietary illness. Once a year they promise that a cure is simply round the corner-just send additional money! A number of these exact same associations are clearly concerned in providing recommendation that promotes the progress of polygenic disease in their trusting supporters. As an example, for years they heavily promoted exchange diets,

Which square measure if truth be told scientifically worthless-as anyone UN agency has ever tried to use them quickly finds out. They ridiculed the utilization of glycemic tables that are literally terribly useful to the diabetic. They promoted the utilization of oleo as heart healthy, long once it had been well understood that oleo causes polygenic disease and promotes failure.

If individuals ever come to life to the cure for polygenic disease that has been suppressed for forty years, these associations would shortly be out of business. However till then, they notwithstanding still want your support.

For forty years, medical analysis has systematically shown with increasing clarity that polygenic disease could be a condition directly caused by Associate in Nursing designed food offer that’s targeted on profit rather than health. Though the diligent will pronto garner this info from a wealth of medical analysis literature, it’s usually otherwise unavailable. Definitely this info has been, and remains, mostly unavailable within the medical faculties that train our retail doctors.

Prominent among the contributory agents in our fashionable polygenic disease epidemic square measure the designed fats and oils that square measure sold in today’s supermarkets.

The first step to activity disorder polygenic illness is to prevent basic cognitive process the lie that the disease is incurable.

The Diabetes History:

In 1922, 3 Canadian laurels winners, Banting, Best and Macleod, were booming in saving the lifetime of a fourteen-year-old diabetic lady in provincial capital General Hospital with inject ready endocrine. Half dozen Eli Lilly was authorized to manufacture this new surprise drug, and also the medical profession basked within the glory of employment well done.

It wasn’t till 1933 that rumors a couple of new rapscallion sort of polygenic disorder surfaced. This was in an exceedingly paper given by Joslyn, capital of Ireland and Marks and written within the Yankee Journal of Medical Sciences. This paper, “Studies on polygenic disorder Mellitus”, discussed the emergence of a significant epidemic of a sickness that looked greatly just like the polygenic disorder of the first Twenties, solely it failed to answer the surprise drug, insulin. Even worse, generally endocrine treatment killed the patient.

This new sickness became called “insulin-resistant polygenic disorder” as a result of it had the elevated blood glucose symptom of diabetes however responded poorly to endocrine medical care.

Many physicians had nice success in treating this sickness through diet. an excellent deal was learned regarding the link between diet and polygenic disorder within the Nineteen Thirties and Forties.

Diabetes, that had a per-capita incidence of zero 0028% at the flip of the century, had by one 933 exploded by 1,000% within the u.s to become a sickness seen by several doctors. This sickness, below a spread of aliases, was destined to travel on to wreck the health of over the Yankee population and incapacitate virtually two hundredth by the Nineteen Nineties.

In 1950, the medical profession became able to perform body fluid endocrine assays. These assays quickly unconcealed that this new sickness wasn’t classic diabetes; it had been characterized by enough, usually excessive, blood endocrine levels.

The problem was that the endocrine was ineffective; it failed to scale back blood glucose. However since the sickness had been called polygenic disorder for pretty much twenty years, it had been renamed kind II polygenic disorder. This was to tell apart it from the sooner kind I polygenic disorder, caused by shy endocrine production by the duct gland.

Had the dietary insights of the previous twenty years dominated the medical scene from that time and into the late Nineteen Sixties, polygenic disorder would became widely known as curable rather than simply treatable. Instead, in 1950, an enquiry was launched for one more surprise drug to touch upon the kind II polygenic disorder drawback.

Cure Vs Treatment:

This new, ideal marvel drug would be effective, like internal secretion, in remitting obvious adverse symptoms of the unwellness however not effective in action the underlying unwellness. So it might got to be taken frequently for the remaining lifetime of the patient. it might ought to be a patentable drug as a result of natural medication isn’t patentable. Like internal secretion, it ought to be low-cost to manufacture and distribute. Necessary government approvals would be needed to stimulate physicians to bring down it as a medicine. Testing needed for these approvals ought to be tremendously pricey to forestall different new medications from changing into competitive.

Additionally, natural medications that truly cure unwellness would ought to be suppressed. The simpler they were, the additional they’d got to be suppressed and their proponents imprisoned as quacks. After all, it would not be terribly profitable for large company if diseases can be cured with low-cost different ways.

This is the origin of the classic medical protocol of “treating the symptoms”. By doing this, each the pharmaceutical company and also the doctor may prosper in business, and also the patient, whereas not being cured of his unwellness, would simply be quickly eased of a number of his symptoms.

In several cases natural ways work higher than most medication prescribed by doctors. this can be why the force of law has been and is getting used to drive the natural, usually superior, medicines from the marketplace, to get rid of the word “cure” from the medical vocabulary and to undermine the terribly construct of a free marketplace within the medical business.

Now it’s clear why the “cure” word is thus smartly suppressed by law. The federal agency has in depth author laws that require the utilization of the “cure” word to explain any competitory drugs or natural substance. it’s exactly as a result of several natural substances do truly each cure and forestall unwellness that this word has become thus scary to the drug corporations and thought medical profession.

Main Stream Medical Treatments:

After the diagnosing of polygenic disease, trendy thought medical treatment consists of either oral symptom agents or internal secretion.

• Oral symptom agents

In 1955, oral symptom medication were introduced presently out there oral symptom agents comprise 5 classifications consistent with their biophysical mode of action. These categories are: biguanides; glucosidase inhibitors; meglitinides; sulphonylureas; and thiazolidinediones.

The biguanides lower glucose in 3 ways. They inhibit the liver’s traditional unharness of its aldohexose stores, they interfere with enteric absorption of aldohexose from eaten carbohydrates, and that they ar same to extend peripheral uptake of aldohexose.

• Insulin

Today, internal secretion is prescribed for each the sort I and kind II diabetics. Injectable internal secretion substitutes for the internal secretion that the body not produces. Of course, this treatment, whereas necessary for conserving the lifetime of the sort I diabetic, is extremely questionable once applied to the sort II diabetic.

It is necessary to notice that neither internal secretion nor any of those oral symptom agents exerts any curative action whatever on any kind of polygenic disease. None of those medical methods is meant to normalize the cellular uptake of aldohexose by the cells that require it to power their activity.

The prognosis with these “modern” thought treatments is increasing incapacity and early death from heart or renal failure or the failure of another vitals.

The Alternative Method:

The only thanks to reverse this unwellness is to become advised and to use an alternate methodology that’s soundly primarily based upon smart science.

Effective various treatment that directly results in a cure is obtainable these days for a few sort I and for several sort II diabetics.

For the sort I diabetic, an alternate methodology for the treatment of sort I polygenic disorder is currently obtainable. it had been developed in fashionable hospitals in Madras, India, and subjected to rigorous double-blind studies to prove its efficaciousness. It operates to revive normal exocrine gland cell operate so the exocrine gland will once more turn out hormone because it ought to.

What Should I Do?

Start intake the correct foods, and avoiding the incorrect ones.

How does one recognize that foods area unit smart and that area unit bad? Well that is wherever our team at the International Council for Truth in medication comes in. we’ve got eroded decades of research project and thousands upon thousands of studies that have examined foods, food additives, vitamins and minerals and that we have combined this information into our seven Steps to Health guide.

How does one realize it works? Not like most medicine, pills, fad diets, and different useless crap sold-out to diabetics, our claims area unit scientifically tried – here area unit the results:

Our anti-diabetes intake set up is almost doubly as effective for lowering blood glucose as taking Glucophage – the foremost wide prescribed drug to treat polygenic disease.

When scientists compared the Yankee polygenic disease Association diet (The one prescribed by most doctors and supported by the ADA) vs. the foods utilized in our intake set up, they found that it lowered cholesterin 3 times a lot of effectively, and was 3 times more practical in treating and beating polygenic disease than the diet prescribed by the yankee polygenic disease association… still suppose they need your best interests at heart?

More analysis found however sort one diabetics may lower their hypoglycemic agent medication by four-hundredth and have their cholesterin drop half-hour

Another study work varied nutritionary strategies – uncovered however seventy four of patients fully stopped the necessity for oral polygenic disease medication and four hundred and forty yards stopped the necessity for hypoglycemic agent when simply some weeks that is what some individuals would decision “completely cured” – again; while not medicine, pills, surgery or injections.

It’s not simply polygenic disease that you simply will obliterate. Studies show however you’ll even lower your probability of dying from cardiopathy by 31%!

A study done nearly fifty years agone found that folks World Health Organization Ate bound foods (which we tend to point out thoroughly any down during this book) had 3 times higher risk of stroke.

Some other things you can do include:

Vitamin C, Vitamin D (the Sunshine Vitamin), Chromium, Cinnamon. Plus a 30 days Diabetes Plan which you have to avoid certain food Consumption like:

  1. You don’t smoke/chew Tobacco.
  2. You don’t drink soda/soft drinks or eat in restaurants.
  3. You don’t use recreational drugs.
  4. You don’t drink alcohol.
  5. You don’t drink more than a cup of coffee a day.

Yes Foods:

  1. Raw, whole, fresh fruits vegetables.
  2. Good Fats and Oil.
  3. Sprouted, gluten and yeast free bread.


Thank You…

By Matthew M. Gable
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