Professional Dental Care in Lethbridge

Whether you are planning for your routine dental checkup or need some restorative or cosmetic dental procedures performed, it is crucial to go to a reputable dental care centre that can provide you with the best services. And there are dental clinics that you can count on for smooth and enjoyable dental procedures. These have professional dental care specialists that are extensively experienced in different fields of dentistry.

Professional Dental Care in Lethbridge

If you would like to attain a healthy and nice-looking smile in Lethbridge, you will get dental care clinics that can attend to your needs. These have highly qualified dentists and other dental care specialists who use some of the most advanced equipment in modern dentistry to perform even extremely complex dental procedures. If you need a qualified Lethbridge dentist who can help with the installation of dental implants, these centres can meet your dental care needs. Their services include:

1. Dental Implants

These are typically metal posts/frames which are surgically positioned in the jawbone just beneath the gums. Artificial replacement teeth are then mounted onto them. These implants usually fuse to the jawbone, providing very stable support for the artificial teeth. This option will improve your appearance, speech, comfort and self confidence, while making it easier for you to eat. Dental implants are also convenient, durable and great for enhancing your oral health.

2. Root Canal Therapy

If you have a decayed and damaged tooth, a root canal therapy can help to relieve the discomfort you may be experiencing and also prevent any future pain or discomfort. To help reduce the stress, pain and discomfort associated with this process, the patient may be given sedation medication, which helps them to feel relaxed and comfortable throughout. A typical root canal therapy procedure may involve the following steps:

a) Removal of the part of the tooth that is damaged
b) Cleaning of the infected area
c) Application of a sealant that helps to prevent further infection
d) Filling the tooth with special medicated dental material for better reinforcement
e) Covering the damaged tooth with a natural-looking porcelain crown

  1. Teeth Whitening

This is another dental procedure that has gained much popularity over the past few years. It is a non-invasive dental treatment that helps in changing the colour of the natural tooth enamel, hence enhancing the patients’ smile and confidence. Here special bleaching products are normally used to make your teeth whiter and sparkling. The procedure is often done on those patients that have experienced:

a) Fluorosis; which is excessive fluoridation that happens during tooth development.
b) Normal wear of the outer tooth layer.
c) Stains that are caused by medication, smoking or the consumption and coffee/tea.

These dental clinics also have the expertise and experience in providing services relating to dental crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers, dental fillings, dentures, dental X-rays and screening, orthodontics and dental hygiene, among other things. All of their dental care services are normally provided with very strict adherence to professional standards. Moreover, their advanced diagnostic procedures enable the dental care specialists to accurately diagnose the patient’s dental problem and recommend the best solution. If you need a qualified Lethbridge dentist to attend to your dental care needs, these dental care centres can help.

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