Family Dentist Helps To Reverse Gum Disease And Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

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A beautiful smile can make anyone’s day. Leave anyone, it can make your day. But what if you are suffering from dental problems and choose rather to keep up a straight face rather than a smiling one? You can change the entire scenario with a visit to the family dentist. A family dentist is none less than a family member, and who can help get back your picture perfect smile. From suggesting oral hygiene methods to teeth whitening treatments to treating gum problems, a family dentist will help one with rectifying their dental issues with care. Gum problems especially even if they don’t seem to be a big deal in the beginning, might be the cause of big issues later. That is why it is better to treat all gum problems at the earliest.

What Gum Issues Can a Family Dentist Treat

A family dentist will in the first place know your dental history well. Sharing your dental issues with that person will be easier, and you will be able to trust that person easily. Also, since your family dentist has a clear idea of what dental problems you have, it is easier for them to get it all treated quickly and efficiently. They will be able to help reverse all the gum issues and enable you to smile without any restrictions. Gum disease if not treated on time can lead to tooth loss and it can also be one of the contributing factors to other health problems like stroke, heart disease and diabetes.

Having a family dentist is a boon. All the family members can feel comfortable in sharing their dental issues with the known person and since the dentist is a known person, it becomes easier for them to treat the patients as well. They deal with them with care and compassion. It is easy for them to ask questions as well as this aids in the treatment.

How To Know That One Has Gum Issues?

The dentist will be able to tell or sure whether one is suffering from gum problems or not. However, prior to that, one can look for some sure shot signs to be 100% sure. Some of the common signs of gum issues include:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Bad breath
  • Space between teeth
  • Swelling along the gum line
  • Receding gums
  • Signs of Tartar buildup

The signs of gingivitis are hard for just anyone to recognize. It starts as mild inflammation and gum bleeding which can develop into a bad gum disease if it is not treated on time. The onset happens due to plaque bacteria deposits under the gum tissues. The dentist needs to remove the plaque as if it is not removed, then the supporting structure of the tooth will begin to deteriorate. Bone loss takes place which aggravates with time resulting in the tooth falling out.

The family dentist can stop this from happening. The dentist can suggest some home hygiene tips like brushing and flossing, and other oral hygiene tips. Following these can help get rid of the problem initially, but when the plaque gets placed deeply, then it becomes tough for just anyone to clean it. The dentist needs to interfere and clean the accumulated plaque thoroughly. Visit to the family dentist at regular intervals is helpful. Twice a year sounds good. However, anyone with chronic gum disease or other dental issues needs to pay more frequent visits.

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