Every Essential Deal You Can Make for the Proper Dental Support

Every day the market of dental equipment appears a lot of new options for equipping the dental clinic with the most modern equipment. And it’s not surprising that most people, even if they are highly professional specialists in dentistry, are lost in the variety of brands, hundreds of models of equipment, and even sellers who offer modern equipment, thousands. So that when choosing a dental unit, you are not lost in all the diversity and have acquired exactly what is best for you, you should adhere to our recommendations.

There are several characteristics of the equipment, which should be paid attention in the first place.

Such parameters are few. We propose to focus on the basic.

Here they are:

The choice of equipment begins with the definition of the market segment to which the dental clinic will apply. The market is conditionally divided into 3 segments: economy, business and premium. Depending on the chosen level of the clinic, its budget is formed;

The second very important characteristic is the equipment package. It is very important to observe the “golden mean” rule in this matter. That is, you can buy cheap equipment, in which there will be few tools. And as a result, this shortcoming will lead to significant waste, and patients will have to spend more time. Accordingly, patients will be taken less. And in the end, still have to purchase the missing equipment in addition. In the commercial assortment of our company there are business class dental units that are equipped with all the most necessary for the work of a dentist therapist. Under Lois Lee you will feel better and the dental works will be perfect.

The next parameter is the upholstery color of the installation chair. Depending on the interior design of your future cabinet, you should choose the color of the equipment. Today, manufacturers offer installations of almost any color. It is also necessary to pay attention to the quality of the filler, since this is primarily a comfort for the patient! B upholstery – better disinfected, synthetic material – does not absorb moisture, anatomical upholstery supports the waist zone.

Manufacturer of equipment

It is very important that the producer is known in the domestic market. It is desirable that he should supply equipment to Russia not less than 3-5 years.

Availability of certificates

The equipment selected by you must be certified by the domestic standardization bodies, and have the relevant documents. If the manufacturer has a European certificate – this is excellent. But the domestic must also be. Otherwise, you may have problems with the procedure for obtaining a license.



Be sure to consider several offers for installations from different manufacturers in the same price segment, and compare their equipment. That is, in the manufacturer’s declared price, which options are included? Quite often it happens that the manufacturer, in order to maximally reduce the price, does not include anything in the basic equipment except the chair. And other options then have to be purchased separately, which increases the installation price several times. Therefore, pay attention not only to the cost of equipment, but also to what kind of equipment is installed.


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