Choosing a Reliable Emergency Dentist in Fort McMurray

If you are in search of an emergency dentist, it is important that you do your homework. Dentists are not all created equal, and not all of them offer 24-hour emergency care. If you are interested in a particular dentist, you can find out whether they offer emergency dental care by checking their website or calling them to find out. However, that is not enough as there are other things to take into consideration when choosing an emergency dental doctor for you and your family. Here are a few things to research before making your final decision.


Some dental practices have emergency dentists working the whole night and act more like ERs or urgent care facilities. In such a case, you can simply walk into the dental office without making an appointment, and you will have someone to attend to you. Other dental offices have only one dentist on call, and he or she will meet you at the clinic to help when the need arises. Determine which of the two you would prefer and choose a dentist who meets your needs.

Wait Times

Similar to the normal emergency room in a hospital, you might have to wait for a little before the dentist sees you. Ask what the normal wait times are. This is important so that you know how long you will be in pain as you wait to see the dentist. Most people only contact an emergency dentist at night if they are in extreme pain. Most patients try to hold off until daytime hours, so that is when you might find the dentist the busiest.

Services Offered

Not all dental services can be offered in an emergency dental visit. Some dental issues can be addressed in the dental office during normal hours, such as implantation of a tooth that has been knocked out or extraction. If you want other services such as Invisalign in Fort McMurray, it is important to find out if a potential dentist offers that as emergency care. This is very important to avoid disappointments later on. You do not want to choose an emergency dental doctor for a certain treatment only to learn later on that they do not offer it.


Emergency dental services normally cost more than the regular dentist visits. Just like an emergency plumber who has to come to your home at night to fix a blocked toilet, you will face higher than standard dental prices for emergency care. Your dentist has to interrupt their sleep time or evening out to accommodate you, so the extra cost is justified. That being said,
many emergency dental services are covered by insurance. However, if you want a service such as Invisalign in Fort McMurray and it is not covered, you have to pay out of pocket, so find out if  a potential office offers some type of financing.


Finally, ensure that the emergency dentist you choose for you and your family is reputable. You can confirm this by asking what your family and friends think about a potential dentist, or by reading online reviews to know what other patients have to say about the dentist in question.





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