Importance and Uses of CBD for Both Medical and Recreational Purposes

CBD is the second most active ingredient in marijuana. However, CBD does not possess psychoactive properties. Therefore, users of CBD are not associated with addiction, any form of dependence, or other related health problems. Cannabidiol(CBD) can be obtained either from hemp or marijuana.

Uses of CBD

1.     Health Benefits

  • CBD has found its use majorly in the medical field. For example, consumers of the product use the product in managing severe cases of childhood epilepsy. FDA has approved the first cannabis-derived drug for the treatment of epilepsy in children. However, the drug is only available with a prescription from a registered doctor.
  • Since CBD does not cause high, it is appealing to users for relief from pain, anxiety, and other ailments without interfering with their minds, unlike marijuana and other prescription drugs. For example, CBD is effective in treating the pain associated with arthritis.
  • Some studies have shown that CBD effectively reduces both acute and chronic inflammation, which occurs due to the body’s injury.
  • Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD helps to treat acne. In addition, CBD also reduces excess production of sebum which may cause acne.

2.     Recreational

CBD is usually consumed by users so that they can feel relaxed. The primarily used CBD product is CBD oil due to its significant healthcare advantages.

Consumers use CBD tinctures and oils from a  Starbuds Weed Dispensary by spraying below the tongue. CBD tinctures and oils can also be swallowed or mixed with food and drinks.


CBD is generally safe for human beings. However, users of CBD are bound to experience some side effects such as fatigue, nausea, dry mouth, reduced appetite, and weight loss.

  • CBD can interfere with other drugs; hence it’s advisable to consult your medical expert if you are taking other medications or you are about to undergo surgery.
  • CBD dosage is a problem mainly when used with edibles. When you take food fused with CBD, it may take time before you feel its effects; hence, the user may overdose, which may have a tall impact after the drug enters into the blood system.
  • Tolerance levels in human beings are varied. Hence if you are using CBD tinctures or oils for the first time, start with the least effective dose and increase the dosage slowly as per your requirements.

Tips When Shopping For CBD

Since CBD products are readily available in the market, it is essential to be careful when choosing your product for safety and quality purposes.

  • Purchase your CBD products from a dispensary, for example, Starbuds Louisvills Dispensary in Colorado, with a product certificate of analysis certified by a reputable third party.
  • Check your product to ensure it’s free from molds.
  • Purchase from a cannabis dispensary with a high level of compliance.

Important Distinction

Note that full-spectrum CBD products contain THC; hence avoid them if you don’t want the psychoactive ingredient. On the other hand, Isolate or broad-spectrum CBD products do not contain THC. Therefore it’s essential to distinguish your CBD product carefully.


CBD products are essential for both recreational purposes and healthcare benefits. However, the quality of these products is crucial to your health. Hence you need to shop your CBD products from reputable licensed cannabis dispensaries. As they say, start low, go slow; do not overdose!

By Matthew M. Gable

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