Buying Delta 8 THC: Know Your Seller

Since it hit the market, Delta 8 THC has been all the rage amongst cannabis fans and skeptics alike. Like CBD, it does not produce the same “high” that many users associate with cannabis, which is why it remains legal in most states. Additionally, proponents of Delta 8 say that its lack of heavy psychoactive ingredients makes it a wonderful alternative for cannabis users who benefit from the calming effects of the drug but cannot tolerate or do not enjoy all-consuming intoxication.

There is a lot of ambiguity on Delta 8 THC, so it’s important to make sure you trust your seller before buying Delta 8 carts or any other form of the product. Fortunately, being aware of the common issues that arise as a result of poor buyer-seller familiarity helps put an end to these risks before they arise.

Buying Delta 8 THC? Here’s what to know…

1. Ensure Quality

Unless you buy from a certified store or seller, there is no telling whether or not your Delta 8 THC is what its label says it is. Many shops, especially walk-in head shops, are not federally regulated and therefore do not have to vouch for the quality of their products. At best, this means you receive a different strain or cart than advertised. At worst, your product may contain harmful ingredients, as it was not required to pass distributor inspections and protocols.

2. Avoid Fake Products

Similar to quality assurance, vigilance regarding fake products is a prerequisite to purchasing Delta 8. Without knowing your seller or shop, it’s difficult to confirm the validity of purchased products. You could end up with a product that has no effect or one that is so intoxicating it causes discomfort and even panic when ingested by unsuspecting users.

3. Save Money

No matter what you’re purchasing, it’s important to find a middle ground when figuring out a fair price to pay. You don’t want to pay too much, but you want to pay enough to know that the product isn’t as cheap as its price tag. As a buyer, knowing your seller is one of the easiest ways to ensure you’re paying the right amount for your Delta 8 carts and other cannabis-related materials.

4. Do Research

Delta 8 is largely unregulated as there is little information known about it. Unfortunately, Delta 8 distributors don’t all ensure quality, and some are in the industry just to turn a profit. Before deciding where to purchase your next Delta 8 cartridges, make sure you vet the vendor. Do they have good reviews? Do they have information on their product labels? A little information can be crucial when it comes to your Delta 8 experience.

Know Your Seller

If you’re in the market for a Delta 8 THC cart, be sure to do your research on the seller beforehand. Otherwise, you could find yourself the victim of fraudulent product sales, payment methods, or personal transactions. You could even compromise the security of your identity. Keep an eye out for reputable companies, and always order straight from the source to make sure your Delta 8 THC experience is one to remember –– in a good way.


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