Cosmetic Surgery

Minimize the Risks of Choosing to Get Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Cosmetic surgery seems like a godsend to anyone who needs the procedure. Whether it is correcting birth defects, or rejuvenating your looks, plastic surgery can, literally, change your life. However, it never does to forget that any kind of surgery is bound to involve a certain amount of risk. Apart from the common surgical risks of cosmetic surgery like postoperative infection, internal bleeding, damage to nerves, muscles, or blood vessels, allergic reactions, and permanent scarring and tissue damage, cosmetic surgery abroad brings additional risks due to the nature of travel, a procedure done in a foreign country, and the dubious…
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Excess Body Weight Management

Weight gain is now an epidemic! It begins even as young as toddlers. Change in rapid lifestyle habits, unhealthy eating and a sedentary life.Body weight can be categorised into 3 parts based on a simple measurement using the Body Mass Index (BMI), normal, overweight and obese.Overweight or obese people are prone to complications. Right from excessive sweating in folds, Friction melanosis, Arthritis, Diabetes, Hypertension, loss of immunity, sleep apnea and more.Solution? A change in lifestyle is needed on a war footing.Overweight people who lose motivation to sustain the diet due to lack of results, or someone who is within the…
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