Tips for Successfully Purchasing Prescription Glasses Online in Lloydminster

If this is your first time getting glasses online, you probably are skeptical and fearful. It is hard enough getting the right glasses at a physical shop. Imagine the difficulty in having to buy yours
online. To help you get the best, below are some buying tips to ensure that your online shopping progresses smoothly.

Updated eye exams in Lloydminster

There is no point in getting prescription glasses if the information you use is outdated. They will not do you any good. Before you make a purchase, ensure that you have an updated prescription from your optometrist.

Make a request for the Pupillary Distance (PD)

The pupillary distance refers to the distance from one pupil to the other. It is usually measured in millimetres.Most eye doctors will take this measurement but will not share it with you
unless you request it. After your eye exams Lloydminster, make a habit of asking for this PD measurement.

Measurements of your glasses

If you do not own a pair of glasses, your best bet to landing the best prescription glasses online is to try out some at your doctor’s office. Try out several until you get the one you like best.
Write down its name, as well as style for reference later when you are making your online purchase. If you already have a pair of glasses, you can take the measurements of the bridge width, distance of the frame and width of each lens in millimetres. A ruler will work just fine for taking these measurements. Armed with these measurements, you can find the glasses online
and be sure you are buying the best prescription glasses for your eyes and face.

Take your time

Even when you have the measurements described above, it is imperative that you set aside ample time for the buying process. Making online purchases is tricky. It is easy to make a mistake when
in a hurry. Also, given the fact that different sites provide different prices for the same glasses, you need to perform a comparison. This alone will take several hours if you insist on saving cash on your purchase.



Order using the Prescription Information

Always use the prescription information provided by your doctor to make the purchase. Before you make your order, triple check the numbers typed in. Just to be sure, you may even want to quadruple check the information you type in. With most sites, once you make the purchase
and send in your order, the process is irreversible. In some cases, returning the product (because of your mistake) will cost you return shipping costs.

Know Your Rights

If the glasses you purchase are faulty, or they do not match the prescription that you entered, you have the same rights as those of having purchased the products from a physical store. Typically, any terms and conditions that state you will have to cover the cost of returning the goods do
not apply to you in this case.

With the above tips, I hope you have a great experience ordering prescription glasses online.


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