The Popularity of Ulthera in San Jose and How Does it Work?

Skin rejuvenating treatments are popular as people always want to correct the wrinkles around the eyes and loose skin around the chin. Among the traditional skin rejuvenating treatments, a very new option has sprung on the field and is creating a lot of buzz – that is ulthera. Ulthera is considered among one of the latest forms of non-invasive skin tightening.

Ulthera in San Jose:

This therapy has received a huge level of success nowadays in San Jose due to the unique use of ultrasound technology. In 2006, ulthera received FDA clearance to perform non-surgical brow lifts and today it is also known as Ultherapy. Also the number of ulthera treatment center is increased noticeably in places like San Jose. As a result, Ulthera in San Jose has grown into a popular alternative to surgical face lifts and is considered the most effective way to tighten skin.

How does Ulthera Work?

As mentioned earlier, ulthera is a form of ultrasound skin tightening method. However, it uses very advanced technology to correct aging skin. As this treatment uses a combination of ultrasound imaging and ultrasonic thermal energy, it allows for a more accurate skin tightening treatment process and more stunning results. The imaging tools used in the ulthera treatment process actually lets the physician sees the precise tissue layers that need to be targeted.

Once done, the image is projected onto a screen in such a way so that a detailed outline of the patient’s skin is displayed properly. After that the ulthera expert focuses the thermal energy on the problem areas and a mild level of heat is delivered to the targeted areas. The more the energy is penetrated deep into the skin the better it starts to engage both the fibrous septae that surrounds the fat cells. The energy also works on the thin layer of muscle fibers that sag with age. This type of heat and energy interaction actually creates a conjugating effect that stimulates wound healing and collagen formation. As a result, any shrinking facial tissue and loose skin is corrected.

Why Ulthera is better than Other Skin Rejuvenating Techniques?

The main difference between ulthera and other skin rejuvenating processes is that in ulthera, ultrasound technology is delivered deep into the skin and subcutaneous tissue. As a result it can get to the target areas without damaging the surface or surrounding skin. Another reason why ulthera in San Jose has received a lot of popularity is because the guided applicator used in this treatment method allows the physician to precisely hit specific structures in the dermis, which gives a consistent treatments and better results.

Before you choose a suitable treatment center that offers ulthera in San Jose, you should know whether you are a perfect candidate for ultherapy. According to the experts, middle aged and older people who are experiencing sagging, loose skin and do not want to undergo surgery are usually very good candidates for the Ulthera system. However, the best way to know whether you are good candidate for ulthera is to consult with a certified skin care specialist.

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