Advances in hair transplant

The woman is not accustomed to losing hair as is the man, who by nature is doomed to baldness

The fall of hair is a subject that worries a lot those who suffer it, especially if they are women. They are not accustomed to losing hair as is the man, especially the Caucasian, who by nature is doomed to baldness. This is the opinion of Dr. Alex Camps, dermatologist at the Teknon Medical Center in Barcelona, ​​who points out that surgical scalp advancement operation is a great solution.

Preventive treatment

Preventive treatments have evolved a lot since the arrival of minoxidil and finasteride, especially if we talk about alopecia in women. Corrective surgical treatment such as Hairline Lowering has also made great progress since the wrist hair transplants began to reach the current techniques in which, almost a professional of the subject, can not distinguish the hair transplanted from the natural area . Hair transplant today is a success.

When to go to the dermatologist?

Obviously, do not wait until you are bald, so when you start to notice that hair loss is frequent, it is best to consult. In the opinion of Dr. Camps, the test of counting the hair that falls daily is not very effective as there are people who renew a lot of hair without getting bald while there are others who go bald without noticing the loss of hair. What you do have to look at is the density of hair and find out if it is different from what you had a time ago. In the case of androgenic alopecia, hair loses quality little by little until it stops appearing on the scalp.


The renewal of the hair in its cycles is stopped by some sensors / receptors that are at the base of the scalp. Genetics also plays an important role, especially on the maternal side. Although the mother does not show symptoms of baldness, she is the maximum transmitter of genetic load with what you have to look at the maternal grandparents, the uncles.


The current hair transplant are done one by one because the essence of the technique is to imitate nature exactly, especially in the areas most exposed to the eye. In those more dense parts of the body, small grafts of fonicular units can be made to carry out the hair transplant. People who undergo hair transplantation can shower, go to the beach and have a normal life because the hair they will count on is their hair. When a hair transplant has been performed, it is necessary to take care of it as they did before losing it, since the only difference of the hair of the hair transplant is the place where it is. The transplant of one’s hair is done suddenly as a general rule, although the main thing is that the doctor and patient understand each other well in terms of the final goal.

Everybody can?

Any person who does not have hair, as long as they have a raw material, can undergo a hair transplant. The conditions that are needed for a hair transplant are minimal since not only hair transplants can be done in androgenic alopecias but also in areas of burns and scarring alopecias. The conditions are usually favorable and the hair catches well there.


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