Tips for Relieving Back Pain

Hurting our backs is never an event to celebrate. The sore muscles, stiffness, inability to get comfortable, sleep or even do day to day tasks is a problem many people face today. After injuring our backs the only thing that we want to do is get better. Here are some tips that you can try to help eliminate your back pain.


Rest is the best way to heal. When we rest our bodies are able to focus its energy to the areas of our body that are injured. Lying still, eyes closed and shallow breathing are the steps needed to focus on in order to rest. Clear your mind of anything and let your body heal.

Hot and Cold Compresses

The first type of back pain treatment you should try is alternating hot and cold compresses. Alternating hot and cold causes our muscles to expand and contract as well as stimulates the blood vessels to send white blood cells to the body to help ward off infection and increase healing.

Topical Ointments

Topical ointments and creams will be the next thing to try. These creams are non-addictive and will give instant relief. These ointments are applied directly to the area of the body and will be absorbed directly through the skin. When applying, have someone else use their fingers to massage the muscle tissue as well to help increase blood flow.

Over The Counter Medications

When trying to relieve pain, taking medication seems to be the go to solution. However, be careful when going down the medication route. Many over the counter medications are perfectly safe but overdoing any type of medication can ultimately be bad. Tylenol and Advil are the two most common pain relievers on the market. When taking them, read the dosage amount and time between dosages.

Muscle Relaxers

Muscle relaxers are the next stage of medical treatments for back pain. When we take muscle relaxers we are essentially doing just that, relaxing the muscles. When taking muscle relaxers start at the lowest dosage possible. Until you know how the medication will affect you just follow the first tip of resting when taking these pills.


Receiving pain injections is another option that you can try. These injections must be approved and performed by a doctor. Finding a local pain clinic in your area and making an appointment is your first step. From here you will go for an evaluation, scans and a consultation. If treatment is authorized and possible these injections can be performed in the office and with local numbing.

Living With It

At the end of the day it will all come down to living with it. No matter what treatments you take, what operations you may need the final decision on how you live with it will be up to you. The key is to determine your tolerance of pain. Once you know this finding out how much activity you can perform in that period of time and how long you need to rest are all key. Taking it one day at a time, talking to doctors and agreeing on a treatment plan will be your best course of action.

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